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  1. Well, they could always expand the theater to accommodate a ride of that size. I doubt that would happen though because of Six Flags's deal with 5D Attractions or whatever. It is rumored that one of those will be what replaces the theater in 2011.
  2. I'm pretty sure the play pass gets you everything the season pass does, aside from the coupon booklet and Safari admission. Oh and with a Play Pass you do not get FUNatics rewards. If you go to the Six Flags Great Adventure official website then they have a kind of comparison.
  3. Yeah, when I drove by a week or so ago I saw trucks etc. I heard the structure should be complete around May 15th.
  4. Not really sure what my first coaster ever was at Great Adventure. I'm going to guess Runaway Mine Train. My first Wooden Coaster ever was Rolling Thunder though. Not a very good first impression if you ask me.
  5. Hm, probably the Batman side of Chiller... and definitely Lightning Loops
  6. Woohoo thanks!! The snow ruined my plans though =/ I already had an awesome pre-birthday gift though, that made it all good.
  7. I know during Fright Fest 2009 they park was selling old Medusa shirts for $5. I got one at the Main Street Market. Not sure if they were selling them anywhere else in the park though.
  8. Yeah, Nitro was testing two days ago. Pretty awesome. We're getting pretty close to opening day!
  9. Hopefully is opens for Fright Fest again though? I think it pulled quite a few riders for something barely advertised! Rarely saw it without a 3/4 full queue.
  10. I just noticed that. Pretty funny. The photoshop works almost makes the whole new image look rendered though, but it's clearly an edited version of the one from SFNO.
  11. Finbow


    Wow, this was one of my first, if not THE first ride I ever went on at Great Adventure. I was pretty young, and I was alone with my mom, as my dad and sister had gone off alone to ride something bigger. My mom being a kind of veteran at the park, had been on it before, and decided to take me on. I distinctly remember the rubber tube insulation on my restraint that seemed to be a make-shift fix for the restraint padding that had been torn off or something. Anyways, as we climbed the tower, I was pretty scared. We finally got to the top, and the car slid forward in that kind of mechanical-awkwar
  12. It's about time I registered on here...!
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