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  1. ^ That was a real cobweb. It was on the staircase for Runaway Mine Train, the spider just wasn't home. Actually, I've seen intricate cobwebs from spiders at the park multiple times by now. As long as it's not that old inflatable "Spider Of Doom", it's fine by me.
  2. Hey guys! This is my first time going to the park since early April, and since Jersey Devil opened to the public. I was only in the park from about 10-4:30 PM, and even though it was a holiday, the crowds weren't as horrible as I thought. Obviously, my first stop was Jersey Devil, which I was able to go on twice, each with a wait under 10 minutes. I was lucky enough to get the front seat for my 1st ride, and I was put toward the back the 2nd time, which I preferred since it felt smoother. I also got a peak at Lil Devil (the coaster formerly known as Road Runner Railway) and it looks ready to launch for Fright Fest; There's even a train placed in the new station ready to go! Speaking of which, there's already been a lot of prep work for Fright Fest: many decorations/props are set up in addition to the entrances of several Terror Trails. I doubt that I will personally be able to go to Fright Fest this year (work and Covid precautions and whatnot), so I'm glad I got to see a glimpse of everything. Nitro was down for a while at the start of the day, so my mother and I went on Batman The Ride and the Big Wheel together, then I did Wonder Woman and The Joker solo while she rested. The weather was overall pleasant (mid-80s I think), but the sun was certainly a-blazing. Shortly before I boarded Joker, I saw a kid (accompanied by 2 friends) who legitimately passed out from sunstroke. Like, straight up falling face-first about five feet in front of me. Fortunately, there was a young lady right behind me in line who was an RN, and she helped that guy get back to his senses before the paramedics arrived. I wish I could have helped, but I couldn't call 911 or anything like that because I had to leave my phone (and my other loose articles) in the Joker lockers. God, I hate that policy. Surprisingly, I saw that same guy as I left the park, and he said he was feeling much better. Eventually, my mother left the park early to beat the heat. I rode Bizarro twice (which had 3 trains, but the slowest ride operators in the entire park), Runaway Train, and Kingda Ka before I left. Also, I made sure to snag one of those awesome CoasterDynamix model kits, specifically the Medusa one. As far as older coaster models, they also had one for Great American Scream Machine too, which I thought was fantastic. All they need now is Rolling Thunder. Final Ridecount: Jersey Devil 2x Bizarro 2x Ka 1x Joker 1x Batman 1x Wonder Woman 1x Big Wheel 1x Photos should be down below: Happy Labor Dabor, everyone!
  3. Good news everyone! Jersey Devil's open again.
  4. Wow, I thought they were gonna save L'il Devil until 2022 but looks like it will be ready by FF. A surprise to be sure, but a welcome one. Also, since they're adding fireworks and other incentives for guests to come in September, I guess the days of non-busy visits to the park (post-Labor Day, pre-FF) are gone now. Oh well.
  5. ^ I also got a similar email the other day, but the membership version. You can choose to either keep the 3 free months that they promised us while the park was closed with COVID in early 2020 or get that same value in a gift card redeemable at the park.
  6. Silverwood just tweeted that Stunt Pilot (the other 2nd gen single rail coaster) is re-opened as of yesterday. This probably means Jersey Devil will open back up shortly.
  7. Since the name is basically confirmed now, this is now the first "mini" version of a bigger coaster since "Lil Thunder", right? EDIT: Also, the spotlight for the Taz's Trucking Co./Safari Tours kids ride should be updated since Lil' Devil will be in its old spot now. http://greatadventurehistory.com/KidVehicles.htm#BigRC
  8. THAT'S surprising. I always thought that they simply couldn't run at the same time because of all the sheer mass exerted on the structure from both rides. What was the actual reason they couldn't do this until now?
  9. I knew they would re-utilize the El Diablo statue! No way they would send something that cool to Quebec with the rest of the ride.
  10. Hi everyone. I visited the park this past Friday, but I never posted my trip report because I've been busy every day since then (also, because I apparently wasn't the only one from this website who was at the park that day) Despite the CHILLY weather and reduced capacity, there was a sizeable number of guests at the park. After entering the park at 10:45-ish, my mother and I first went to Superman. It had a 45 minute wait since there was only one train operating, and also because it broke down for a bit. After some lunch at the Yum Yum Cafe, we went on the Big Wheel (which still has separate lines for parties of 2-4 and parties of 4+) and The Dark Knight (which still has no pre-show for obvious reason). I immediately noticed a number of independent food trucks all over the park and various minor changes, such as the new Guest Services location next to the old Chiller observatory. Jersey Devil's construction is coming along nicely. The station is about halfway finished and the queue will probably next on their to-do list. Also, the walkway between El Toro and Kingda Ka (which were both closed by the way) is open and is now home to a sea lion, two cheetahs, and a surprisingly non-nocturnal owl. We tried to get on Zumanjaro, which was testing at various points throughout the day, but the ride operators basically admitted "this is gonna take a long time to fix", so we just rode Bizarro instead (5-10 minute wait). The ugly weather was getting to be too much, so we just finished up with quick rides on Nitro and Cyborg (which is open after spending all of 2020 SBNO). We left around 4PM, which I think is the earliest we went home from the park in the 15 years we've been regularly going. The day wasn't too horrible, but I don't anticipate visiting again until after Jersey Devil opens. Also, I DID get my 2nd vaccine shot three days after this visit, so I definitely feel more confident about going to theme parks and other big events now, but I'll just until the new coaster is ready. Final ridecount: Nitro 1x Bizarro 1x Superman 1x Dark Knight 1x Big Wheel 1x Cyborg 1x Here are my photos: https://imgur.com/gallery/ZU0Dd2j Here are some of my favorites: Thanks for reading!
  11. I randomly stumbled on this, so I apologize if it's been posted before. Someone posted the audio of one of the 1981 concerts of the Marshall Tucker Band at the park (that day with the record-breaking attendance):
  12. ^The highlighted letters are T, H, U, and V in the 2nd post. In the first post they were D, R, I, and E. All together they spell "Drive Thru"... Holiday Lights comeback?
  13. Hello everyone! Yesterday was a fun day at the park with fantastic weather (around mid-60s) and relatively short wait times. My mother and I entered the park around 1:30 and first went on Justice League, which had literally just opened up (we were 2nd train of the day). Next was Wonder Woman (20 minute wait including a fast recovery from technical difficulties) then the Dark Knight -with no pre-show and partially in the light due to the necessary ventilation, which was interesting. I was able to get a good look at the Jersey Devil from the footbridge connecting Safari Kids and LT Seaport. There appears to be a bunch of new track pieces placed on the ground pretty much ready to be added any day now. After 2 simultaneous rides on Joker, we waltzed over to the Boardwalk and rode the Parachutes, which had just opened up a 2nd side for the day as we got on line. After dinner at Johnny Rockets, the sun was down and all of the lights were on full blast. My mother was too tired to ride anything else so she bought a souvenir ornament and called it a day. I decided to go on Swashbuckler then SkyScreamer (each with a 20-25 minute wait) then two rides on Nitro, which had 2 trains running. The 1st time, it had just re-opened from technical troubles, so the wait was only 15 minutes; the 2nd time I just used a skip-the-line pass so it was a walk-on (thank goodness for that membership upgrade due to covid). Unlike my previous visit during Hallowfest, I noticed that all of the ride operators and employees made much more of an emphasis on enforcing social distancing on the lines, which was a good step forward. However, I saw LESS emphasis on mask enforcement. I saw at least a dozen people on ride lines throughout the day with masks under their chins (even one person with no mask at all- until I reminded him). I guess you can't have it all. Regardless, the park experience in general was very nice and they've continued to adapt pretty well to the ongoing pandemic restrictions. 5 out of 6 Flags. Final Ridecount: Nitro 2x Joker 2x Dark Knight 1x SkyScreamer 1x Swashbuckler 1x Wonder Woman 1x Justice League 1x Parachutes 1x Here are my pictures: http://www.greatadventurehistory.com/Forums/index.php?/gallery/album/1598-november-21-2020/ Here of some of my highlights from yesterday:
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