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  1. Great Adventure photos: A few observations: This might be the last time I see the 90's-eraSix Flags road sign since they're replacing it soon. There was some promo event in the back of the parking lot hosted by BMW. They had a bunch of tents and cars out for test drives. The Wiggles' stage is completely gone and the concrete foundation for the re-located Barnstormer looks like it will be set any day now. There's a boardwalk game booth set up behind the abandoned Paintball building now. As if we need more unnecessary things blocking that path... There are new electric car charging stations next to Green Lantern's queue, which is neat. The big Adventure Crossing pavilion down the road from the park has had a ton of progress. It looks like the vertical construction on the new Marriott hotel began recently. Also, a new Popeye's and Taco Bell in that pavilion are already open, plus a 7-11 with a gas station that's almost done. Everything else still has a long way to go.
  2. Yesterday was the only free day I have in the foreseeable future before Memorial Day (when things start to get busy at the park), so I went to the park on a whim. Turns out it was the perfect day to go! The weather was really nice (sunny & no higher than 75 degrees) and the crowds were almost non-existent. The only ride that had a wait of more than 15 minutes was Superman, and that's only because only one train was running. On the other hand, some rides actually had more trains than necessary. For example, Kingda Ka was a walk-on because it had 3 trains running. Also, they apparently can't operate Ka without having a full train, so I was able to get three consecutive rides without changing seats (after my third ride, Ka had technical difficulties, so I lucked out there). Not to mention, the new single rider lines also helped a lot since I went by myself. Actually, I was able to to get tons of re-rides yesterday; specifically 4 on El Toro (which is running much smoother than 2 years ago, when I last rode it), 3 on Medusa, 2 on Jersey Devil, and 3 on Nitro. By 1 PM, I had also gotten rides on Runaway Train (where I literally had a train all to myself), the Sky Ride, and Skull Mountain. After lunch at Granny's, I made a personal goal to ride every single coaster at least once, and I got it done by 5 PM (plus a ride on the Parachutes) and left shortly afterwards. This is actually the 2nd time I've been able to ride every single coaster at least once in a day. The other time was in 2008 on the very last day of Fright Fest when in was 13. While sitting in traffic on the way home to Long Island, I remembered that Luna Park in Coney Island is getting a new roller coaster that intertwines with a new log flume. I had no idea if it was open yet or not, so I thought, "Well, there's only one way to find out!" The bad news is that it's not ready yet. The coaster (Tom's Express) is mostly finished and the log flume (Leti's Treasure) still needs plenty of work. They're gonna be conveniently located in between the Thunderbolt coaster and the Parachute Tower, and all of the remaining pieces of both rides are sitting behind it fenced off, right next to the baseball stadium. The GOOD news is that I got credits on the 2 coasters that opened last year at the Deno's Wonder Wheel Park: the Vekoma family/inverted Phoenix, and SkyFlyer, a kiddie coaster that makes Lil Devil/Road Runner Railway look like a B&M Gigacoaster. I left Coney Island after only an hour because it was getting chillier as the sun was setting. Final Ridecount: Great Adventure: El Toro 4x Medusa 4x (aka the coaster formerly known as 'the coaster formerly known as Medusa') Kingda Ka 3x Jersey Devil 2x Runaway Train 1x Sky Ride 1x Skull Mountain 1x Lil Devil 1x Harley Quinn 1x Joker 1x Dark Knight 1x Batman 1x Green Lantern 1x Superman 1x Deno's Wonder Wheel Park: Phoenix 1x Skyflyer 1x
  3. Amazing photos, as always. The fresh paint on Batman and Medusa looks AMAZING! I just wonder what they'll do for the new Medusa entrance sign, though. Looks like they kept the foundation of the Bizarro sign & painted over it for now, but I'm not sure if they're going to keep it & slap a new design on it or just scrap it altogether, since it has such an oddly-shaped silhouette. Also, if you were able to ride on El Toro, did you notice if it was running any smoother since the re-inspection? The last time I rode it (in late 2020), it felt much rougher than it ever had before; in fact, I wasn't even too surprised when the de-railing actually happened last year.
  4. The Great Adventure Youtube page just uploaded a video with a new backstory for Medusa. My theory is that these "chapters" are going to replace Bizarro's faded, comic book-inspired backstory in the queue.
  5. Holy. Moley. You already had me at "single riders lines". This new management at Six Flags already knows wassup. I don't even mind that we're not getting any "major" new rides or anything. Introducing multiple minor changes that will hopefully improve the overall park experience this year is completely fine by me. As long as they save the BIG update(s) for the park's 50th anniversary in 2024, I'll be satisfied. Also, it looks like that Riddler-themed Instagram post from a few months ago turned out to be a whole lotta nothing. Welcome back, Medusa!
  6. Several years ago, during my first semester of community college, I went to Fright Fest on a random Saturday without realizing I had a paper due at midnight. I legitimately tried to write my whole paper on one of these computers, but it didn't work. I think they must've been running on Windows XP or something, but the computers at the time were too outdated & primitive. I had no choice but to leave the park way earlier than expected to write that paper. I don't even remember what the paper was about or what class it was for. I just remember being bummed out that I had to leave Fright Fest only 2 or 3 hours after I got there.
  7. Sweet photos!! I'm glad that things are going well this December. I just hope the recent spike in Covid cases doesn't force them to shut down everything sooner than expected. I'm loving the new paint scheme for Batman so far. Retaining the yellow track from the present-day look, but giving the supports a color reminiscent of the original 90's paint job. It's the best of both worlds! Speaking of paint jobs, did you notice any changes with Bizarro/Medusa? I know that area is closed, but did you see any progress with the new orange/neon green paint job from the Skyway or anything? Also, I heard Jersey Devil valleyed the other day. Was it closed?
  8. The Coasterdynamix models of our specific roller coasters (both present and past) are great additions. I personally would like to see more merch with the original air balloon & rainbow logos, especially by 2024 for the 50th anniversary of the park.
  9. I love the suit that Chris P. Sizzle is wearing. I wonder if it's on loan from Jim Carrey.
  10. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=psUJgaaTjoA It looks like the re-painting process has already begun for next year's re -theme. Looks like the supports will be bright orange and the track will be neon green (as opposed to the lime green during the Medusa days). Honestly, the paint job is overdue either way. It's only been 12 years and the Bizarro paint was almost completely fading; don't even get me started on the storytelling signs in the queue... The question is, will the Bizarro effects be removed (e.g. flamethrowers, the auger of doom, etc.) for the re-theme?
  11. ^ That was a real cobweb. It was on the staircase for Runaway Mine Train, the spider just wasn't home. Actually, I've seen intricate cobwebs from spiders at the park multiple times by now. As long as it's not that old inflatable "Spider Of Doom", it's fine by me.
  12. Hey guys! This is my first time going to the park since early April, and since Jersey Devil opened to the public. I was only in the park from about 10-4:30 PM, and even though it was a holiday, the crowds weren't as horrible as I thought. Obviously, my first stop was Jersey Devil, which I was able to go on twice, each with a wait under 10 minutes. I was lucky enough to get the front seat for my 1st ride, and I was put toward the back the 2nd time, which I preferred since it felt smoother. I also got a peak at Lil Devil (the coaster formerly known as Road Runner Railway) and it looks ready to launch for Fright Fest; There's even a train placed in the new station ready to go! Speaking of which, there's already been a lot of prep work for Fright Fest: many decorations/props are set up in addition to the entrances of several Terror Trails. I doubt that I will personally be able to go to Fright Fest this year (work and Covid precautions and whatnot), so I'm glad I got to see a glimpse of everything. Nitro was down for a while at the start of the day, so my mother and I went on Batman The Ride and the Big Wheel together, then I did Wonder Woman and The Joker solo while she rested. The weather was overall pleasant (mid-80s I think), but the sun was certainly a-blazing. Shortly before I boarded Joker, I saw a kid (accompanied by 2 friends) who legitimately passed out from sunstroke. Like, straight up falling face-first about five feet in front of me. Fortunately, there was a young lady right behind me in line who was an RN, and she helped that guy get back to his senses before the paramedics arrived. I wish I could have helped, but I couldn't call 911 or anything like that because I had to leave my phone (and my other loose articles) in the Joker lockers. God, I hate that policy. Surprisingly, I saw that same guy as I left the park, and he said he was feeling much better. Eventually, my mother left the park early to beat the heat. I rode Bizarro twice (which had 3 trains, but the slowest ride operators in the entire park), Runaway Train, and Kingda Ka before I left. Also, I made sure to snag one of those awesome CoasterDynamix model kits, specifically the Medusa one. As far as older coaster models, they also had one for Great American Scream Machine too, which I thought was fantastic. All they need now is Rolling Thunder. Final Ridecount: Jersey Devil 2x Bizarro 2x Ka 1x Joker 1x Batman 1x Wonder Woman 1x Big Wheel 1x Photos should be down below: Happy Labor Dabor, everyone!
  13. Good news everyone! Jersey Devil's open again.
  14. Wow, I thought they were gonna save L'il Devil until 2022 but looks like it will be ready by FF. A surprise to be sure, but a welcome one. Also, since they're adding fireworks and other incentives for guests to come in September, I guess the days of non-busy visits to the park (post-Labor Day, pre-FF) are gone now. Oh well.
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