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  1. I knew they would re-utilize the El Diablo statue! No way they would send something that cool to Quebec with the rest of the ride.
  2. Hi everyone. I visited the park this past Friday, but I never posted my trip report because I've been busy every day since then (also, because I apparently wasn't the only one from this website who was at the park that day) Despite the CHILLY weather and reduced capacity, there was a sizeable number of guests at the park. After entering the park at 10:45-ish, my mother and I first went to Superman. It had a 45 minute wait since there was only one train operating, and also because it broke down for a bit. After some lunch at the Yum Yum Cafe, we went on the Big Wheel (which still has separat
  3. I randomly stumbled on this, so I apologize if it's been posted before. Someone posted the audio of one of the 1981 concerts of the Marshall Tucker Band at the park (that day with the record-breaking attendance):
  4. ^The highlighted letters are T, H, U, and V in the 2nd post. In the first post they were D, R, I, and E. All together they spell "Drive Thru"... Holiday Lights comeback?
  5. Hello everyone! Yesterday was a fun day at the park with fantastic weather (around mid-60s) and relatively short wait times. My mother and I entered the park around 1:30 and first went on Justice League, which had literally just opened up (we were 2nd train of the day). Next was Wonder Woman (20 minute wait including a fast recovery from technical difficulties) then the Dark Knight -with no pre-show and partially in the light due to the necessary ventilation, which was interesting. I was able to get a good look at the Jersey Devil from the footbridge connecting Safari Kids and LT Seaport. Ther
  6. Hi everyone! This is my first visit to the park since 2019, and boy, how things have changed! My mother and I went to the Safari Drive-Thru (which I never thought would be a thing again after 2012) at noon and were done in about 45 minutes. It was nice to see all the animals again (including the monkeys) right before they go back in to hibernation after this weekend. Our reservation for the park was at 2PM sharp and we had no problem getting in. The entrance was swift and efficient and the employees did a good job of enforcing the masks on all the guests. I can't the s
  7. Also, anyone with a Diamond Membership gets one free maze ticket. I didn't realize that until just now because I was upgraded to Diamond recently thanks to the Covid-19 debacle.
  8. Good to see that the safety precautions will continue into the fall. Maybe the winter will follow? Also, I hope the name change isn't permanent. I get that they want to indicate that things will be VERY different this year, but I think the name "Fright Fest" is too iconic to discard outright.
  9. Awesome update. I'm planning to go to both the park & safari on the 27th and I haven't seen much on the web so far of how the park is operating so far, so thank you. I wasn't expecting so many side attractions (like the arcade games for instance) to be completely fenced off. Also, since the Coke Freestyle building is closed this year, do you know if the freestyle soda machine at the Sky Bar still available?
  10. As of right now, the website is only accepting reservations up until Sunday, July 26th. I'm planning to go On July 27th, so I guess I'll have to wait a few days to make my reservation.
  11. Every single time my mother and I go to the park recently, my mother actually asks me if they added any new Coke Freestyle machines anywhere else in the park. They HAVE added a few in recent years, but I also wish there were more. Actually, when I went to the park in a few months ago (early September), Coke was actually doing a promotional thing involving the Freestyle machines. Unfortunately, they only let us fill up tiny sample cups rather than our Membership bottles, which seemed nonsensical to me. Hopefully, this demonstration leads to more machines in the future.
  12. In previous years, they usually close both water rides right AFTER Labor Day. I doubt it'll be open on the 7th and 8th of September.
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