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  1. ^ Or hire somebody who is 70ish and in good health
  2. Exactly! I die laughing every time!
  3. Totally just threw him under the bus...
  4. Most of you are gonna wanna kill me, But me and Cycloneman were able to ride both Batman AND Robin on the same day!
  5. There is a Robot Chicken Parody out there which is quite funny! I will hunt it down...be patient
  6. Heh, Too bad I didnt call in! I hope the screeners were awake!
  7. Hmm, Headchoppers...You think they will build some for Medusa?
  8. ^ Talk about polarity on a spectrum! Boston Creme FTW
  9. What grinds my gears is when the oil on my gears runs out and the axels bend, causing my gears to grind
  10. Id like to thank all of those that tuned in to last week's podcast! Thank you for your support! Now, what we have all been waiting for, Week 2, Our 2nd Episode http://switchpod.com/users/gaoutpost/feed.xml
  11. The Dark Knight: The Revenge of the Medusa!
  12. That is awesome! Congrats on the plug from the park's PR!
  13. Who cares about the name at this point to be honest, its finally smooth!
  14. Mmmm, Sushi! That would be awesome if I could get some Philly Rolls in the park
  15. That has to be one of the best commercials ive seen...EVER! Personally I love Manta Rays, I have seen them Scuba Diving and they are absolutely beautiful the way they glide in water. Thats besides the point though, if Kraken is a barometer for how good this ride is, this may very well become your #1 flyer and a staple for future expansion of this ride!
  16. First off, before I continue, I would personally like to thank the administrative staff on this site for allowing me the forum space for a plug, This can benefit and strengthen our relationship between our two sites! Thanks guys! Alright, Now, In the past few months, I have been contemplating an idea of a podcast. I figured what the heck and the pieces eventually fell into place! It is a weekly podcast that I host and would be grateful for anybody that tunes in. We talk about hot issues involving our very own home park but also touch up around the industry, Throw in the cast of characters we have and you get what we call our show, Airtime! To listen to this past weeks you can click here: Airtime! With your hosts Robb, Steve and Clint! http://switchpod.com/users/gaoutpost/feed.xml I would also be more then open to the idea of any staff member from History coming on the show and joining us, If you would like to just PM me and I will give you the details. Thanks again, Robb
  17. ^ I like that answer lol, Awesome Harry
  18. Lol, I plan to post on this site more because of something that is grinding my gears
  19. In other news....elliot spitzer....
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