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  1. I have a great story about #3. I was riding X-Scream at Stratosphere and I had my hands up and a dude put his head in my armpit
  2. Storm Chaser? I guess Kentucky Kingdom didn't trademark that name
  3. Jr. Thrillseekers sounds like a dumb name for a kids area IMO. At least call it "Junior Thrillseekers City" or "Little Thrills Plaza"
  4. I wish it had colorized concept art but since they probably didn't get that far, I'm more than happy with the Spotlight
  5. I'm glad I annoyed you guys so much, you finally caved in and did the Hotel Spotlight!!!
  6. I was under the idea that it was so they could pack as many people into Disneyland as possible for Galaxy's Edge. Of course when you look at younger generations, they prefer "Non-Tabacco-Stuff" instead of Cigarettes. I didn't want to get banned so I cleaned it up.
  7. Hey, Six Flags, Maybe you can get a 2-ride deal and add them to SFGAdv and SFGAm
  8. I rode the more intense version at Nagashima Spa Land and it was better than Green Lantern at SFMM
  9. Maybe in Movietown themed to Aquaman? Or maybe where Fort Independence/Great Lake Grandstand were?
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