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  1. Six Flags Great America to Hurricane Harbor, Rockford is over 60 miles away
  2. Wow, When it rains it pours here. 4 Spotlights in a few days is incredible. Thank You.
  3. Camelbeach Waterpark Mountain Creek Waterpark Course I'm not from the Region
  4. Can we get a Planned but Never Built? Ideally for the waterpark like the 2nd children's play area and other stuff?
  5. Let's say the park does happen and Discovery Kingdom gets relocated, Does Joker, an RMC Get relocated or scrapped?
  6. Can we get a Glow In the Park Parade Spotlight? I ask because it's not listed as a possible spotlight in the Show Venues, Productions, Attractions, or anywhere I've looked
  7. The CEO of Cedar Fair said that they were fully staffed at their parks and were extending hours on their conference calls.
  8. I wonder if any of the actors ever adlibbed/improv'd during a show?
  9. Thank you for tolerating my impatience
  10. Orion was $30 Million Smiler was $25,543,807.05 Plus I'm willing to bet part of the ride cut was also NIMBY's had something to do with the relocation My 2 "Bold" Predictions on the Gerstlauer 1- 200ft Launched Infinity Coaster where the SkyCoaster is (Tallest Gerstlauer with a Beyond 90 Degree Drop) 2- 5 Looping Launched Infinity Coaster using the Pictorium Building (Most Inversions on an Indoor Launched Coaster)
  11. I apologize for not being patient
  12. I have a prediction/wish that California's Great America will get that Record breaking Gerstlauer
  13. Or Original Waterpark Proposal
  14. I hate to sound like a broken record but, Can we get another Spotlight? It's been almost 2 months
  15. I heard that Roaring Rapids is closed for refurbishments
  16. A SpongeBob Themed Dark Ride For you non-Spongebob fans out there, a Recurring theme is that Spongebob is in Boating school and can't graduate cause he's not the best driver (To put it mildly) and allows 1001 ideas regarding a dark ride. The ride would be themed to Spongebob trying to get his boating license and hi-jinx ensue. The ride would've featured only Audio-Animatronics instead of screens and not be interactive, Outside of that, the ride would've been similar to Justice League. The queue line would've featured a Ms. Puff's explaining how your all trying to get your Boating License. The entire ride was inspired by an episode of Spongebob called "Tutor Sauce" Or A SpongeBob themed Rapids Ride Inspired by Popeye & Bluto at Islands Of Adventure, The entire ride would've had more theming and more water effects themed to SpongeBob and Patrick going Jellyfishing which of course they retaliate "accidentally" instead of SpongeBob by splashing the boats. The station would probably have been themed to a Pineapple as well. There would probably be cameos by other SpongeBob characters (Squidward playing a Piano that works as Jets, Sandy dropping buckets of water from her Treehouse to keep you wet, and Mr. Krab's selling ponchos at the end for $20. Also inside the tunnel would be Plankton trying to create a Dry-You-Quick machine that never works) This plan would have been awesome and would guarantee that you would never get off the ride dry.
  17. I can honestly say my experience at Indiana Beach in 2020 was far superior than my 2008 trip. About the only problem is not enough trains/boats on the coasters, But almost everything was open and operating. The employees were also nice. Basically, you guys could've gotten a much worse operator (Like the Laskaris Family)
  18. What was the last Ferris Wheel Six Flags Removed? New England's in 2005?
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