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  1. I never played Black Knight 2000;I however was a fan of the original game with its multi-level field.Great Adv. should build a "retro arcade" jam-packed with old school games-especially if they get a Cyclone pinball game.
  2. Back during it's Wild World days,SFA had a Cinema 180;the weird thing was it wasn't actually 180-it was more like 90/100,and everyone had to stand.The films shown were very similar to the above video-basically POV footage of coasters and race cars/motrcycles.Sometimes they would throw in a "slow" segment: one movie had footage taken by a helicopter as it flew over Mt. St. Helens about a week after it erupted.
  3. I remember the ones by Dino Island.For a while there were also some palms by Jenkinson's Pier.
  4. If it were up to me I would first: -Remove the paintball building, skycoaster , eruption, and go-cart track. -Add a show to the Movie Town theater. -Then add 5 new rides symbolizing Great Adv.'s 5 decades:Huss 2nd Gen Enterprise;Larson Tilt-A-Whirl and Flying Scooters;Fabbri Aladdin; and Chance Freestyle. In 2025 I would add 5 more rides saluting "Here's to the next 5 decades!":Huss Airboat & 2nd Gen Condor; and Zamperla Nebulaz,Kanga-Bounce, and Disk-O Coaster. Other ideas: -I still think Great Adv. should replace the 4D theater with a newer version;if not,then tear the building down and use the space for more rides. -It seams Great Adv.'s outdoor arena has been SBNO more and more;If large events like concerts or pro wrestling/UFC are no longer an option,I think they should tear it down and build an indoor boat ride like SFOT's "Spelunker Cove":it can run year round and always be re-themed. -I want the Big Wheel brought back to it's old self as much as possible with new LEDs.I would hate to see another original ride go, but if it's beyond repair they should get a new one. -And bring back the museum!
  5. Even though the DC Comics-inspired rides are overdone,they COULD have the building turned into the Legion Of Doom headquarters and have 2 or 3 small rides (like a rotor and something else) with names like "Riddler's Revenge". However I would prefer a 4D movie theater with a wall-to-wall screen, Dolby Atmos Stereo and scent machines.With a cinema it would be easy to update-just have a different type of movie for each season (summer/Fright Fest/HITP).
  6. I think Great Adv. should also get those old-school Mold-A-Rama machines and have them make molds of the coasters.
  7. I think Holiday World does the same thing. Regardless, I myself hated having to carry around the souveneir bottle.Hopefully paper cups becomes the solution.
  8. It's taken all these years for Great Adv. to get a ride named "Jersey Devil", so hopefully they'll give the floorless coaster a better name & theme soon.
  9. One idea I have involves each park having it's own mascot. Originally Great Adv. & Magic Mt. had their own mascots (GA's was a tiger, MM's was a wizard & trolls).I think SF should bring those back and then give the other parks a mascot too(SFA could be a bald eagle,SFNE could be a Minuteman),and then have a line of stuffed animals/characters modeled after them.
  10. If Skull Mt. gets its themeing/props back, I would like for Great Adv. to MAINTAIN them! In general SF as a whole seems to let the themeing fall apart after a few years-I would at least like to see Skull Mt.'s waterfall run on a regular basis from now on,and then work on the inside props & music.
  11. I would like to see the original wheel stay, but if it gets replaced, how about a larger version with enclosed cabins (and remove the old paintball building too)?
  12. I think that with the success of KI's Mystic Timbers and BGW's Invader that Rolling Thunder should be rebuilt but make it 10 feet taller and have a shed at the end like Mystic Timbers(where there is a rotation of the various songs and effects).
  13. I vaguely remember the "brigade"-but I really wish the GITP parade would come back!
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