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  1. I think that with the success of KI's Mystic Timbers and BGW's Invader that Rolling Thunder should be rebuilt but make it 10 feet taller and have a shed at the end like Mystic Timbers(where there is a rotation of the various songs and effects).
  2. I vaguely remember the "brigade"-but I really wish the GITP parade would come back!
  3. How long was that hole there?I loved Chiller but I don't remember ever seeing anything like that.
  4. Although I never got to ride LL,I can imagine the shake : I took the backstage tour of GASM twice back when the Coaster Celebrations still happened.During the tour we were allowed to go up the stairs under GASM"s MCBR and it freaked the doo-doo out of us when a train went overhead.The guide said the shake was necessary because if the track was made too stiff(or not allowed to shake that is) it would damage the track alot quicker.
  5. I hope SFA is able to replace those slides in the near future-I like old-school body slides.
  6. Great Adv. should definitely get a hotel-either have an outside operator do it or do like Carowinds and buy into a franchise.If possible they should have a hotel that has an extra bonus for guests only like Great Wolf Lodge's waterpark or an aquarium.
  7. Maybe they could repaint Nitro in red and yellow and call it The Flash and retheme Congo Rapids to Aquaman.
  8. I still think Great Adv. should have some sort of 4D cinema,but if that's no longer an option,they could use the simulator building as "The Legion Of Doom":there would be 2 or 3 flat rides inside themed to DC villians(like a rotor called Riddler's Revenge).
  9. The Big Wheel should get the same lights that the Casino Pier wheel has-the floral pattern would be amazing.
  10. Maybe SF could have season passsholders use paper cups,but the passholders use a new one each time(even if they buy 2 or more drinks in one day). On a side note,I always remember to bring the sports bottle,but it was a hassle to always carry it around and they seemed to get nasty real quick.
  11. This maybe a little farfetched,but maybe Great Adv. could have thier own music festivals in the Northern Star Arena.By this I mean they could have reunions of older groups and film the concert;then these performances would be edited down and shown on cable (like TBS/TNT) during the off-season.Some acts that could be done together would be AC/DC and The Scorpions or Earth,Wind,&Fire with Chaka Khan.
  12. It seems kinda FUBAR that it took Premier Rides almost 20 years to use the TOGO patents, and right off the bat a train derails.
  13. F***ED Up BEyond Recognition. Supposedly it was military slang in the 1940's & 50's,but I never heard it until I saw "Tango & Cash".
  14. For the Jersey Devil BBQ place, they should make the sauce with the devil's cut-style bourbon for that extra devilish flavor!
  15. Here's my 2 cents: 1-the kiddie area gets a junior Woodie. 2-they replace the motion simulator with a flying theater. 3-have Mack build a waterless version of the Power Splash-basically make it new type of shuttle loop.
  16. If you DO become a ride op you could "accidentally" call the ride the "wrong name": like calling Bizarro Medusa (or Dominator)or calling Green Lantern Chang. You could also have informal polls of the people in the station like:"Raise your hand if you rode Chiller".
  17. In Great Adv.'s defense they DID add a drop ride to Kingda Ka....but yeah-the area could use another ride or three.And it would help if it had a decent sit-down eatery.
  18. Maybe Disney is thinking "everything old is new again". I grew up with that 70's version of the future so it doesn't affect me much. The only other option would be a total renovation of the facades-like what KI did to their International Street. What if WDW closed down Tomorrowland for 2 months in the 0ff-season and re-did it in a "Blade Runner" style?-you know, in time for WDW's 50th anniversary in2021?
  19. I never rode The Crypt, but it was fun to watch at night.
  20. Although I like small parks as much as the large ones, the return of Rocky Glen seems a far off chance, since there's nothing left of the original park.....unless I happen to win the lottery.....
  21. Maybe SF could retheme Hurricane Harbor from "generic tropical island" to more of a "1950's Tiki bar/Beach Boys surfer rock" theme.
  22. I think Great Adv. should do what Carowinds finally did and buy a franchise hotel: they'll get managerial assistance and national publicity, but still get the majority of profit. And it would probably increase attendance during Fright Fest and HITP.
  23. I think the queue and station for the Jersey Devil should be made to look like a paranormal museum-that is, there are displays of pictures , footprints , etc. that could be either real or "unauthenticated" and they show videos of actual Jersey Devil investigations(Destination Truth did a decent one a long time ago).
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