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  1. The tiger show ran for about 30 to 45 minutes. At the time I was there we had 22 tigers, 1 lion poncho & 1 leopard nena in the show. The tigers in the tiger show were kept in pens built for them behind the Great Arena. We had pens and a large exercise area that we would let them go in, we only allowed certain cats to mix with certain other cats, there would be big time problems if we let the wrong cats mix together. At night they all got locked down inside there house which had the pens inside. There was an above the ground tunnel built out of heavy chain link fence that ran from the pens to the show arena, this was about 200 feet long or so, we would run them down this tunnel in exact order because all the cats did not get along, if they got mixed up going into the ring there would be huge problems for McMillan inside the ring. Every time there was a show we would run the cats down this tennel and into the ring, McMillan would be inside the ring waiting for them so he could place them exactly where they should go or which platform they belonged on, this was a very tense moment. McMillan had some very large and very aggressive tigers, this is not common for trainers to take these kind of chances, he deffinately had them under his control, no doubt. I trained attack dogs for a number of years prior to working with David and he does have guts.
  2. I am looking to reconnect with some people from the past, approximate years 1974 to 1978 or so. My journey at Great Adventures started out with Butch Dring and getting permission from him to study the aniamls mainly the big cats & Babboons for my Martial Arts training. Butch gave me permission to study the animal via either spending time in there house's while they were inclosed or from the safety of the wardens trucks. This part of the journey took place for about 2 plus years. I was then introduced to David McMillan to be one of his assitance for the Tiger show, I was with the show for a full season including winter, spring & fall about 9 to 12 months. I would like to here from all involved, some names I remember, Leonard - Safari, Steve & his brother - tiger show and Sharon - tiger show, of course from wardrobe and who ever else might see this.... Jack P. jackjakk66@yahoo.com
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