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  1. I found the restraints on Golden Lasso coaster perfectly comfortable. I don't see how anyone could have an issue with them. PS: The ride is mind-blowingly good.
  2. Honestly, even yesterday attendance yesterday was perfectly respectable. It was slower than a lot of HITP days but there were a lot more people there than I expected. The park certainly wasn't dead. They might have turned a profit yesterday. On the way out we were talking about what a testament it was to HITP that there were any people there at all.
  3. This has been an interesting year for HITP for sure. On one hand, they've had really bad luck with weather. It's only snowed twice this year and in both cases it was on a weekend. It's supposed to rain this weekend (though I could see people coming out since the temps are unusually high), they lose a day on Sunday because Christmas falls on a Monday and they're calling for a colder than normal week next week with possible snow at the end of it. On the other hand, it seems like the event is getting busier on days when they do open. We expected the park to be dead last Saturday with a delayed opening and everyone digging out from snow but we were totally wrong, on many days the line for Justice League has exceeded an hour (including one point on Sunday), midways have been busy and word has clearly spread about the event the last few years. Hopefully it ends up being a profitable event for them this year despite the awful luck with weather. I guess in a way, this balances out the first year where they had insanely good luck with weather but they've had some nasty luck this year. Hopefully the temps are a bit higher than expected next week and the snow in the long range forecast for the end of next week stays away so they can finish the year strong.
  4. LOL. I'm famous. In all seriousness I honestly have no idea which of the 2 rides is more reliable. It's rare to go to either park and have either ride closed for an entire day (unless it's down for weather / wind which is more of an issue at Cedar Point) but they both go down a lot throughout the course of an average day. Dragster breaks down MUCH more frequently than Kingda Ka but Dragster also runs 2 load stations, 2 unload stations and 5 trains with spectacular dispatch times / much shorter launch intervals. Kingda Ka only uses 1 load / unload station and runs between 1-3 trains on any given day. Dragster breaks down more frequently, but it would be a miracle if that weren't the case since it has so many more opportunities to break down since it sends so many more trains per hour. I really don't have a strong preference between Kingda Ka and Top Thrill Dragster but I also only ride either ride in the front row because I absolutely love them in that seat. I'm sure if I rode Kingda Ka elsewhere then I'd feel differently but I don't really have any issues with roughness in row 1.
  5. The website doesn't show the park as being open on New Year's day. Is that right? I also feel like November 18 & 19th are going to change.
  6. Just because it's been a few years since a major Intamin ride opened in the United States doesn't mean that can't change on a dime. I also think you're exaggerating the issues with Cheetah Hunt, Green Lantern and Skyrush which are all pretty reliable rides. Opening year jitters, tunnels flooding that are obviously going to flood from time to time and a valley that happened a few years ago aren't really a big issue.
  7. Great news! I love Panda Express, it's like a Flash Pass for food. With complaints of super long waits for food with the Dining Pass during HITP and Fright Fest I'll happily wait 5 minutes and pony up the cash for better food at Panda Express while I scroll through post after post about how awful the food lines are on Facebook.
  8. Honestly I would think this would be far too expensive and time consuming for the park to have any interest in. Taking pictures of the park and posting them to social media is free advertising for the park, and while they don't want anyone to flip out their phones on coasters, they probably don't want to deal with the logistics of blocking the signal above a certain heights for the coasters but somehow differentiating between that and the Skyway and Ferris Wheel. Plus if this works with infared and only photography the signal in certain directions it's probably not possible / feasible on a coaster anyway.
  9. I assume that next Sunday will be the last day for them.
  10. LOL, I still think the "Yule Log Flume" is the best idea ever (and has a much better ring to it than "Holly Jolly Roger" and "Poinsettia Peak") but it's come to my attention that certain (see: boring) people don't see the appeal of riding a Log Flume in January when the water may or may not be a sheet of ice.
  11. Absolutely. Personally I think if this event grows over time the area you're suggesting is the logical area to expand it. El Toro has issues with cold temperatures and Kingda Ka and Zumanjaro are unreliable as anything but I would think Mine Train and Bizarro would have no issues with cold temperatures, the Safari is a great family ride and a great way to bring in crowds earlier and keep them in the park longer since it's normally a late arriving crowd (though obviously some animals like the cold more than others) and of course with increased crowds you would want increased capacity by adding a new kids area. Opening up to the Frontier area makes a good deal of sense. I don't see this happening this year or even next year but I could see the event growing over time.
  12. They're only placed on the side coming in. There are no lights inside the fort or on the side of the fort parallel to the midway (near the Mind Train exit). Plus, as I said. The ride op confirmed a round trip journey. The only part that's decorated is the part you can see from Skyway. Also to open RMT or Bugs Bunny National Park you would need to open the midway all the way down to those rides. You can't rely on the Skyway to bring people over there because if it goes down for wind you would be paying to decorate and staff a ton of rides / areas which are now unable to be open and everyone would need to be walked back through a closed portion of the park if it closes for wind in the middle of the day. Also as I mentioned the only lights anywhere near that half of the park are on the front of the fort that's visible from Skyway (and should look awesome reflecting in the lake).
  13. Hey guys, I know there's nothing people like more than a guy who popped up seemingly out of nowhere spouting off unconfirmed information as fact, but this seems to be what they're doing. I was the one that took and posted that picture yesterday. We actually approached from El Toro so we didn't notice the lights until we were on the Skyway, but I asked the ride op if they would be open for Holiday in the Park and he said yes, but you have to load on the other side and then they'll just send you right back around. It sounds like the area will be closed, but Skyway is operating as a round trip journey. Personally I'm thrilled with this news. Basically the ride op semi-confirmed it, and seeing the lights made it seem even more plausible. I didn't notice lights anywhere else in the area (and believe me, we were looking. lol).
  14. It's true but underwhelming, they've added the Wild Mouse this year.
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