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  1. haha thanks rob (: ^ i miss you and cant wait for our disney trip!!
  2. I went to the theme park instead. I asked my supervisor (head of operations) and he said 16 people showed up at HH for opening day. The park closed at 1pm
  3. i will be at opening day at HH. cold does not bother me at all! (:
  4. yes El Toro must be FULL until it starts to get really warm in the mornings. We thank you for your patience waiting. Trust me, we want you guys on El Toro right away, but due to the weather that we have been having every morning, the bull does not want to co-operate
  5. the bulls head broke in half a week before the park opened, which is why it is not there anymore.
  6. yes. the 23rd i have department training
  7. thats when i have re-discovery! ^
  8. hey at least they might look into canadian/american waterslide companies. ahahah (: but i agree uptop ^ King Cobra needs to be fixed ASAP
  9. i leave tomorrow ! super happy! won't return til the 10th
  10. the survey strictly said not to say anything about the survey... ^
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