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  1. Always good to see a Mid-March opening. Holiday in the Park really spoils us now with the park only closed 3 months out of the year.
  2. Houdini and Log Flume reopening makes me want to go to the park solely for those two rides (and I guess everything else is a plus too)
  3. I know Six Flags usually trends on the minimalistic side of theming (usually no theming at all), so it makes me happy to see them put some effort into this. Also, love that they are reusing the El Diablo statue, but I think we all saw that coming.
  4. joeyc98


    I know most ride removals are inevitable due to eventually reaching the end of their life cycle, but lord do I really hope we never lose the Skyride
  5. I hate not being able to link my source due to conflicts with my job, but pre-pandemic I am almost positive a family coaster was planned for the area. Would explain the construction manager and staff inspecting the area. Take this with a grain of salt, though.
  6. The possibility for them to enforce the rules exists. From what I've read, Universal Orlando has done a fantastic job at enforcing everything, while SeaWorld Orlando has done a terrible job. I can't speak for other Busch parks, but I know Six Flags can accomplish their goals if they only try a little harder. Otherwise, I fear a shut-down from Murphy is imminent.
  7. I wouldn't say Great Adventure is going to open on time. With the lack of testing available for this virus, more people than we currently know probably have it and its only going to get worse. I'm not trying to be a downer, but it is only realistic. Phil Murphy has stated he urges gatherings over 250+ to be canceled, and he said he may enforce that rule soon. With the direction this disease seems to be going, I'd say opening day will 100% be delayed. C'est la vie!
  8. Forgetting how long this took to actually go vertical compared to other parks' new additions, I think this'll still go up relatively fast and (bold prediction) track work will probably be done by opening day.
  9. Screamscape (I know, take with a grain of salt) reported that the possible Wing Coaster could be a possible B&M 4D model.. Seems unlikely, but time will tell!!
  10. I think the carnival-ness of Fender Benders matches the Adventure Alley feel, but I agree that the elaborate structure of Autobahn with built in carnival games on the sides looked really nice. I'm curious to see how/if the park will continue to fill out the remaining pathway from the Ferris Wheel to Justice League.
  11. I just was at the park on Monday Dec 23rd and all but smoke cannon gun the animatronic joker has was working. It seems that every time I ride it, it is in pretty good condition except one or two effects. they of course can do better, but could be way worse.
  12. It is honestly downright unsual that the park hasn't had the Big Wheel lit up for what? 2 years now? I love the improvements being made to the park, but who does that hahaha
  13. Thank you for the effort you are putting towards creating these maps! They really are awesome to look at, and I (and I am sure many others) appreciate it!
  14. Kinda awesome to see this ride still getting some (probably much needed) love two decades after its debut.
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