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  1. As a park employee (at another amusement park) I can assure you that this is devastating the industry. Not only in terms of revenue, but operations, management are in an unknown right now and many new improvements and restrictions will be put into place because of this.
  2. I’d say the earliest you could see park open is Memorial Day weekend...
  3. yeah, i thought he may have retired!
  4. 78$$ for 2019 remainder and all 2020 all parks dining is a steal, just ordered it
  5. anyone know if they are replacing the canopy on the blue tent arcade? or are they demolishing the bldg finally?
  6. Im going to wait to update my membership til later in the season, i see no reason to spend the extra cash earlier for the pass as its not busy, nor is a lot of the food stands open.
  7. Does any one think that Congo Rapids is in need of a serious update? i think that over the years it has been slowly tamed out and the ride experience has diminished, id love to see this ride completely overhauled and given a new life!
  8. During A.C.E events we had talked with some people about bone yard tours, but the park said it couldn't comply with tours for insurance reasons, not sure if that is the truth, but thats what was told to us. I'd absolutely pay to get in the boneyard!
  9. Took some time off from this page, and the park, as i was just burnt out from amusement parks and rides in general, with opening weekend approaching im back and trying to get motivated to attend the park a lot this year. Since the addition of HITP it seems that my desire to go has diminished due to the very long season. I only attended the park 4 times last year, in hopes this year i can excited to go. Has anyone else felt this way or am i all on my own out here?
  10. Are there any other pictures of construction anywhere? Seems that the park has not been to enthusiastic with releasing any type of park construction or off season footage this year?
  11. This is going to be an interesting ride to watch when it spins, the 3axis will be mesmerizing! Add some sweet RBG lights and it will be awesome!
  12. Panda needs to go or be added to the dining plan.
  13. should start to see demo in progress making way for the 4d freespin coaster any day now
  14. so im hearing that the animal movement was just temporary, any truth to this, is it possible the stadium is getting a complete overhaul and not torn down?
  15. I have a feeling this will return in 2015....
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