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  1. Weird, looking on google earth, you can see that the trees in that area have for the most part grown back. The southern edge of the plot of land is still relatively clear and in the southwest corner there is what appears to be a large pile if dirt. So, whatever that area was cleared for, it obviously was never built.
  2. Wow, they put that ride up FAST! I just with they took the time to repave the path around it because you can still see half of Evolution's pad and I think it looks a little strange. It's great that we finally have a bumper cars in the park again though.
  3. First off we have an insane amount of room. Correct me if I'm wrong but I believe Six Flags owns the land all the way from Prospertown Lake to Route 195 making us the second biggest amusement park property in the world. I think if the park were to add a coaster in the next few years, they can do much better than a Zacspin or Eurofighter which don't really have the capacity to handle big crowds. Chillers footprint alone is big enough alone to fit some massive rides; because of this I think a Wingrider, Dive Machine, or something like Silver Dollar City's new coaster would be a better fit.
  4. They also need to replace the braking system. Skid brakes are obsolete.
  5. I think this is going to be a good retheme, the only problem is its similar to Balins Jungleland.
  6. Its by el toro, you cant see it from the path but there's a bathroom behind it, if you've been in that bathroom you have seen Tango. They did a good job hiding the ride though, you can barely see it through the bushes. The only thing you can see from the main path is what's left of the sighn. It was still open in 2008, I remember going on it.
  7. The next time we see Halley's Comet will be in 2062.
  8. The super teepee location should really just be a path.
  9. So, they repave paths all the time, how is this any differant. Do you know if some big change is happening, that the park is keeping secret.
  10. or they could have you buy your ticket from your car, and get rid of the gates. I dont feel the metal detectors are nessesary.
  11. sorry, I got a little carried away.
  12. STATION STATION STATION STATION STATION STATION STATION, not queue house, get your facts straight!!!!!!!! They wanted to use Sarajevo Bobsled's STATION for the Great American Scream Machine.
  13. OK, I see your point but, I still think the mountain theme is a little worn out. Also I really dont find Disney rides very magical, I find B&M magical.
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