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  1. I have Theme Park Studio and love it. Can't wait to make a SFGA recreation, but I have no modeling experience. What do you think about TPS? Can't wait to see what RCT World brings, but Parkitect looks a lot like EA Theme Park which I did not like on my DS.
  2. I stopped by the museum yesterday. Great job! It was great seeing exhibits in person rather than on this website. It was great that the park provided signs and other artifacts which really added to the "in person" feel.
  3. It would be great to see a hotel, even though the park may get busier, I think the extra income and investment will lead to a better park. Right now, I think SFGA gives a horrible first impression. I was at the park yesterday and here are my thoughts: The lines to pay for parking were crazy. I could easily see people waiting 10 - 20 minutes to get in the park and pay for parking. Next, the parking lot looks like there was a meteor shower. Then walking to the park, many people can't find the entrance. I remember there used to be a giant sign (I think). Then you walk up to security and w
  4. Would you recommend the single rider line for Zumanjaro, or should I just wait in the standby? Also can't wait to visit the GAH museum.
  5. Thanks for the great visuals! Can't wait until it opens! Hopefully they have a Gold Season Pass preview the weekend before.
  6. If you take a look at Drop Ride Wars episode 2, at 0:55 you can see the plans for the que line. It will not travel under the launch track of Kingda Ka, but around the back. People will exit the ride in between the cars. The line splits up into three well before boarding.
  7. You are allowed to bring bottles of water. I believe they must be factory sealed.
  8. I have gone opening day for a long time and it usually isn't that bad. Usually opening day is before spring break, so Sunday and Monday might be a little bit crowded, but nothing compared to the summer.
  9. So were the other two towers completed today?
  10. ^I think that they are trying to make Kingda Ka and Zumanjaro stand out more because a lot of people see Green Lantern and Superman from the parking lot and head there first. But I really do like how cedar fair makes their maps. Can't wait until April 12th!
  11. This would definitely improve satisfaction of guests waiting in line for 3+ hours.
  12. jsblumen


    Do you think that the park will have low crowds next Friday (October 11th/Columbus Day Weekend)?
  13. It was great seeing recent pictures of the park, I haven't been there since I processed my 2014 pass in August. Also could the boxes say SFMM because they planned to build Zumanjaro at the same time as they planned to build Lex Luthor Drop of Doom?
  14. It would benefit them and get more tourists, but that means longer lines for us . I think they need to put in a lot more family/flat rides before they can get huge crouds to stay at their hotel.
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