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  1. Its crazy to see everything changing down there. The game that is now "mining surge" used to be called Matty's dime pitch and my parents owned it for about 5 years
  2. I saw a commercial for a development that this man named Mitch Leigh is proposing to build near the six flags property. This opening statement says: I wonder if we will see this in the future? check out his website http://www.jacksontwentyone.com/
  3. I remember there was a tree like that in the line for Congo Rapids too
  4. What happened to the 400ft sky screamer for new england?
  5. After looking at the pictures of the Shoot Out building and what was inside of it, I'm pretty sure they have the same shoot out setup at Keansburg Amusement park. Is there any way that they could have been bought from great adventure?
  6. Wow its crazy to see that a good part of the lake is still dried out! Besides that, great update!
  7. I just completed another survey about this and it seems like they are seriously thinking about implementing this. This is what the email said:
  8. True! I remember seeing pictures of the carousel not having any bars around it.
  9. Do they always decorate the Switlik Mansion?
  10. Do you think that with the addition of the drop boxes those slides will get a fresh paint job? Is it possible to paint them?
  11. simply amazing, I wish (and hope) that they keep this area up because it is beautiful and has a great amount of potential!
  12. I found this the other day and thought I would share it with everyone: More Pictures of abandoned Six Flags http://www.stumbleupon.com/su/1nwmg2/www.lovethesepics.com/2011/05/creepy-crusty-crumbling-illegal-tour-of-abandoned-six-flags-new-orleans-75-pics/
  13. I dont really understand, could you post a picture to show what you mean?
  14. QUOTE(scipiomask @ Feb 20 2011, 05:06 PM) I saw the ads in the park and I was trying to imagine him, after getting tired of coasters and flat rides, deciding just to make the hair gel people wear to keep their hair in place on his rides. thats be pretty sweet!
  15. Wow! if you stop it at 1:47 you can see how the skyline was EMPTY!
  16. But what happens if they were to do that and someone came first thing in the morning and stayed through fright fest but paid a cheeper price than other people coming later in the day.
  17. That coaster has a HUGE footprint!
  18. I vaguely remember this, I think I was 11 or 12 at the time, it was like the second year my dad and I had season passes. But we didn't know about the entrance until the middle of the summer and then, like you had said, it just closed one day. I still think they should have something like that. And it was always a ghost town that dumped you into the middle of a dead area. Brings back some good memories though!
  19. Wow i never knew that, thanks!!
  20. ^ Oh wow, I never would have thought of that. So basically they take the parts that can be sold for scrap and then its just cheeper to let the others sit, than to rent a dumpster and everything that goes along with disposing the rest of the ride.
  21. Why do they keep partial pieces of rides in the boneyard?
  22. Woah! look how vibrant Nitro's colors were..
  23. Looks like some of this was filmed in Santa's Village at the PNC Bank arts center.
  24. BMax


    I really wish we could have rides like this back... and just the old six flags atmosphere in general.
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