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  1. This is just one of many things that makes the Wild Safari the hidden gem of Six Flags Parks.
  2. Source: Six Flags Great Adventure For additional photos and videos click HERE.
  3. Click the logo below to view the full trip report: Samples Below:
  4. It is sad that the Switliks lost all their personal belongings like that but they sort of forced Great Adventure’s hand as the article states. I do think GA was kind when the house went up for auction. No other bidders made an offer so the park could’ve gotten the house for a steal but they paid the Switliks market value instead even though they didn’t have to.
  5. I remember when these arcades were announced for 1982 the park proclaimed that they were going to contain the world’s largest assortment of Pac-Man machines. I don’t think that ever happened because the number that they did have was not impressive.
  6. GA was really a pioneer in recycling. It must of been a proud moment when they were visited by Disney and the other parks for them to learn from Great Adventure.
  7. I too long for a bright, airy, fanciful interior similar to what was in place in 1974. I am just grateful that one of the repaint options being tossed about in the 1990's never came to be.
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