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  1. The answers have now been added to our game. Click below to play the game and see how many you got right!
  2. Click here to see the whole Spotlight! Samples below. Comments and discussions are welcome!
  3. Not sure how many people recall this but for 2012 the park announced they were going to add drop boxes to the Falls tower. Before the season started their plans changed and they added King Cobra instead.
  4. Click here to see the whole Spotlight! Samples below. Comments and discussions are welcome!
  5. On March 13, 1993, the Traffic Jam bumper cars ride was destroyed by a late season snow storm. The heavy snow piled up on the roof of the ride which was being prepped for the upcoming '93 season but wound up being removed before the park opener. Great Adventure's other bumper car ride, Fender Benders (aka Skooters) was removed at the end of the 1987 season to reduce capacity at the park during a slump in attendance following several previous incidents that season.
  6. I just ran across this - a COLOR artist rendering of Adventure Rivers from the 1991 press kit!
  7. We are back up after migrating to a new secure server. Please email us at: feedback@greatadventurehistory.com if you notice anything unusual. As always, enjoy the site. More new content coming soon!
  8. I wonder if the lion sign were brought into the park for this section if it would still exist today?
  9. Even though our site did not have any issues, our service provider is migrating the site to a secure server. It should finish updating soon.
  10. Great trip report and photos! It’s hard to tell - is the cobweb by the Fort a real one taken up close or a great Fright Fest prop hung on the Fort’s tower? Either way it makes a cool photo!
  11. ^ #2 is a little tricky. Surprised you are having a hard time with #18.
  12. Great photos! Thanks for sharing these!
  13. Take a moment to play our latest game in Goodtime Alley! See how many of the twenty rides you can identify.
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