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  1. Nice to see some updates (the entrance sign is so clean! and the ticket booths!) but sad to see that a lot of them don't jive with the theme of the park at all. That new entrance plaza is a sore thumb. And given how immersive the place once was, it's somewhat devastating to see the last of the Bada Bing theme elements removed.
  2. I too would *love* this, with other small refurbs all along the street and costumed characters, stilt walkers, etc. – which seems in line with what the new management tea is trying to do. Unfortunately they'd probably be too worried about lost games revenue
  3. They've been doing a lot of ads on Instagram as well (since Fright Fest, actually). And their own social accounts are far more active, so looks like a shift in strategy there. The ads are pretty professional, too; much better than the TV ads under the last leadership team.
  4. Yeah, seems like they're not done, but also seems like they may not have much more up their sleeves.... (And as of Harry's latest trip report, one of the signs was already falling down.)
  5. Would LOVE to see a GITP spotlight! So much to dig into, in terms of both the floats themselves and the story behind it all. I just discovered this thread after so many years on this site, and basically all of my spotlight dreams have come true over the years, from Houdini to the Looney Tunes Lakeside Theater. My one request is a weird, small one: the beheading show they used to have at Fright Fest. It was small scale, playing in a few spots, but most often in front of Fort Independence; I'm sure you have some photos, Harry and Tom. They'd "chop off" a guy's head, and then the head would come to life. I recall that it may have been run by a third party, back when a lot of Fright Fest was contracted out. It was a longtime favorite of my cousin and me, when my grandfather used to take us every Columbus Day growing up.
  6. Going to miss your TRs as well, Yoshi! Hope you keep up the habit from Florida.
  7. Very intrigued by this as well. Especially after learning how horrible life supposedly was in Cedar Point's.
  8. I'm late to this party, but after my visit last year, I wasn't that upset to see this news (before learning the truth). Not unlike many of its Morgan brethren, this coaster was irredeemably rough, without many enjoyable forces to save it. The best part was the theming in the queue – quite detailed for Six Flags. Of course, it's better than nothing, but if it meant it was being replaced with something newer – even if smaller – I think it could have been a good trade.
  9. I like that the built-ins match the aesthetic, at least! But plenty of room for improvement. And this reminds me that my friend who used to work at the park has one of the old oversized Looney Tunes sculptures from the interior in their backyard!
  10. Yeah SFGAm's foodservice is dismal. But I think just about every other SF park, even SFA and SFSL, is in a better spot than the two SFGAs.
  11. Oh wow, didn't know they made those trains. That mean someone else made trains on the subsequent RMC hybrids?
  12. Strong cosign! We were headed in a good direction for a few years, and then once season dining passes got big things have gotten pretty gnarly. But still, even many other SF parks are way ahead of us, so hopefully this is a realistic one.
  13. Sadly they do it to maximize press, so there's nearly no chance of this unless they assume for some reason that they'll get the most attention in April compared to June.
  14. Harry or Tom, do you have a good picture of the current interior? I can't remember the last time I've been in there.
  15. I'm glad folks are liking this. I was definitely quite disappointed; the scale of the lights isn't really enough to hold your attention from a car (whereas in person they are certainly more impressive), and as has been mentioned, I went on a crowded night and it was handled in the typical inept SF fashion; we waited nearly two hours to begin, with no communication or explanation at all. One smaller pet peeve -- and I recognize this is asking for more, but for what it's worth -- is that as we were crawling by the actors, they would all try to talk to us, but it was never in character, just like, Central Jersey teenagers kind of generically wishing you happy holidays. I don't expect Disney quality, but it would be nice if the "Poinsetta Princess" or whatever behaved at least a little bit like a princess. All that said, it was cool driving through the park, but I certainly never need to do it again.
  16. I will say it is impressive how many folks they've gotten on the app quite quickly, and how much you can do with it. So it is a victim of its own success in that way. But as usual, Six Flags was unprepared to handle a somewhat predictable thing.
  17. This x1000000000! My personal #1 priority on this list – the park was a marvelous, immersive escape back in the day, and it wouldn't take that much expense to bring it back to that level.
  18. I've noticed the same and been wondering what happened to the much-touted LED upgrade they did not too long ago. You'd think it would have lasted longer.
  19. ^ Thanks for the comparison – it's interesting. The remodel looks great, but I wonder why they'd invest in a somewhat substantial change that doesn't seem like it'd have much of an effect on Guest experience or spending.
  20. Nice report! What did they change about Johnny Rockets? Looks about the same, just cleaned up.
  21. Agreed but they've done a nice job with the more recent overhauls, specifically SFMM's DC Universe and the handful of DC Super Friends kids areas.
  22. I knew about the indoor parks, but had no idea Six Flags ever owned wax museums! Let alone anything in Florida.
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