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  1. WIth a new CEO, they might not even do them like they have anymore. Have to wait and see, either way i doubt Reid Anderson will be doing them, unless they make him the "face" of the Company now in his reduced role.
  2. The 90's Concert at the Park is now cancelled. That was about the best show they have had listed for the whole season, and they lost it. Want good act's in the Park, gotta' pay up. They would rather have reigious concert's for some "god" lol.
  3. Good Point's, for Bizarro they would need the approval. But that same logic could be applied to the "TDK" Coaster, for the 3 Park's that have them now, that would solve all the issies i'm sure the other Park's are also having with the Themeing holding up. I think if they went with it on "Nitro", a re-theme may be something that comes along with it. Something that would fit one of the established sandbox "enviroment's" that they could sync up with "Nitro"s Layout. But how many Six Flag's Park's don't have a VR Coaster yet? If it's more than a few, they may make a new sandbox "enviroment" for t
  4. I just think VR to "Nitro" would take away more than it add's losing the natural setting it's in with the View's of the Lake. "Bizarro" would be my pick for our outdoor Coaster. I'm all for anything that keep's "Bizarro" in the spotlight, it's still one of our best Coaster's. And will always be the "1st Floorless", it deserve's some more attention.
  5. Surprised not a single mention here of the Six Flags Q2 Confrenece Call that released alot of coming detail's. Missing things already......? Like they are doing what i posted month's ago of adding Holiday Theme's to the VR for Fright and HITP. Every Park in the Chain is getting VR, and plans are in the work's NOW for the remaining Park's that don't have VR to get it added very soon. I still just hope they only add it to "Skull Mountain" and "TDK" in GAdv. I posted last year "Pointsettia Peak" could really be something if the Coaster was on the "Peak" of a Snowy Mountain, and with TDK the possi
  6. I know the site don't make anything, and is nothing but an expense. It is a lifelong dedication with you, and i have always respected you for that, and what you have accomplished with it. Wasn't sure how the Book Royalties go until now though. But either way, you guy's are Published Author's, that is a feat to be proud of. Long after you are gone, the Book's and Site will live on. I have that with all the Movies and TV Show's i've been in, "immortality". It is a nice feeling. And it's just really funny though that a deleted Post here posting someone's Home address got me made an Adiministr
  7. Knew that was going to happen, why i cut it to plaster it on other sites also. Har, your a good guy and your site is awesome. And i do totally understand why you do what you do, and how you do it. You have an awesome relationship with the Park, and have made sort of a second "living" out of it, being a published author, etc. That is something to be proud of, and you do have something at "stake" if you were to mess it up. But the rest of them........not even going into it anymore. I'm just done.
  8. Uh, cause' this Summer i went to SF Great America for a day when out there visiting Friend's. I didn't say it in this post because it was just another Six Flags Park, and i really don't feel the need to explain myself to anyone. I'm the kind of person that is usually happy when people don't like me, i don't have to pretend to like them then. I have my "core" gang, all i need, don't have room or time for any more people. But i shut down Updates now anyway, tired of the Park suck-up, "man-children" that most of still live with "Mommy" coming in with stupid comment's all day, inboxes from People
  9. The fact that i haven't been to another Park other than GAdv for about 30yrs, and finally went to one (Hershey) and saw how it is at other places. Now it makes me want to go to check out a Cedar Fair Park sometime. And i loved HITP, brought back that old feeling of how the Park used to be.
  10. It all just comes down to one's personal preferance really. I mean there is nothing wrong at all for anyone buying Passes, it is the best deal going for Entertainment Value for the Money spent. I just think now they are taking it little too far, and losing site of what the Park once was. It really was a Magical Place one time, now it's just a big advertisement for the Sponsorship Dollars coming in. I do think HITP brought alot of that "Magical Place" vibe back last year. And i did plan on getting Passes right after the regular Season ends, when 2017 go on sale. That way get FF, and HITP, and a
  11. Oh, i know. It's nothing but straight up geography. When your right in the middle of two major City's, that's what you will always get unless you "price them out". I personally remember the days when a Day Ticket was $13.00, and a Pass was only $39.99. But the World was different back then also, what a scumbag was back then, is nothing compared to what a scumbag is today. That's why all other the other Chain's have higher prices, but they also don't have Advertisement's plastered on everything. That's how Six Flag's makes up the difference of the low admission's, but all that does is totally d
  12. A Video of the old "Laser Show" at Showcase Theater would be awesome. The tech for the Laser's was still in it's infancy, but for the time it was pretty "cutting edge". It had a really good soundtrack featuring some of the old "Park" Songs that are still used today. The end sequence for the Laser Show was the "Trench Run" from Star Wars a New Hope, and if i remember correctly that sequence was set to the song "Tom Sawyer" from Rush. It basically looked like the original "sit down" Star Wars Arcade Game with the Green Laser's. And i remember that an earlier sequence in the Laser Show was set to
  13. I live 25min away from GAdv, and the ride in is even all really nice back Country Road's (except North Hanover, those Cops don't have anything better to do than pull Park Guest's over for any excuse they can come up with on 537) Dorney is just "Dorney", the ugly step-child of Cedar Fair. I have taken the Hershey run twice this year already, way better Park operation's, better Guest demograph that keep's the Park cleaner, Guest's don't steal anything they can get their Hand's on, and they add original Ride's. And i never saw "full-auto's" standing at the Front Gate either. It's worth the trip,
  14. I know, it's not like it's some big surprise that when it gets hot out they hit capacity when it's been going on for year's. Now it's just getting to the point it happens a couple times a Week. This guy is some Dorney fanboy that buy's a Pass for that place every year no matter what, and that says alot right there. What was the last decent thing they added "Stinger"? A re-located Boomerang lol. And that is exactly what the main problem is. Maybe if all these clown's didn't buy a GA Pass the year's they add crap, or "clones", and they saw a drop-off in pass sales, maybe they wouldn't add crapp
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