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  1. Actually, that helicopter was for Jim Reid-Anderson, CEO of Six Flags, who was at the park today.
  2. Harry - Rob and I saw you a few times from a distance. We tried calling your name but I guess you couldn't hear us. Hope to see you often at the park this season!
  3. I couldn't agree with this more. I would LOVE to see Holiday in the Park come to Great Adventure.
  4. I really wish that the large jumbotron by the fountain would display wait times.
  5. This, along with a Parking Lot Refurb, is, in my opinion, one of the things Great Adventure needs the most.
  6. Hersheypark is staying open the first weekend in November for Hersheypark in the Dark.
  7. I think the addition of Kingda Ka has attracted worldwide attention for the park, therefore increasing attendance. Not to mention, it is a great ride!
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