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  1. Where is this? I can't find it on the site.


    here is the great adventure link: http://www.sixflags.com/greatAdventure/inf...hancements.aspx

    it talks about fire fog and audio in paragraph three


    here is the new england link: http://www.sixflags.com/newEngland/info/Ne...elRelaunch.aspx

    again it talks about fire fog and audio in the third paragraph



    Maybe it went on top of SUF's Lift!!!


    that structure on SUF lift was only part of the doctored map as part of the clue to find the next blueprint it is not an actual structure

  2. sorry for all the double posts everyone but i figured it out!!!!


    i decided to mark all the altered squares on one grid and they spelled out a word! they squares spell out DROP kinda

    heres a pic



    since on the jimmytruth2power website place the note on ther had a website that said quantumprpulsioninc.com and said the blueprint was hidden in a secret directory i went to that site and put drop at the end preceed by a slash like www.quantumpropulsioninc.com/drop


    and thers the next blue print!!!!!

  3. i tried putting the SFNE map on the GAdv map and it didn't really blend. the foot prints that were mentioned when the two were lined up led somewhere near dare evil dive. i have another theory tho since the square with the footprints did not fit into the picture...it cut off part of that building.. im thinking what if you took the grid sections from one map and put it on the other map and maybe it would form something or if you took the squares and put them together to form something else. if anyone has any ideas i will try them since i have photoshop and am able to do so.

  4. ok i used photoshop to put the doctored map on the original and there are many differences. some of the new items on the map form letters im not sre what this means as they are in no particular order. some other items are just new things such as a train on a picture of medusa instead of a plain track as well as a blue stucture at the top of superman.


    here is the list of differences from the original:

    1. medusa's new drawing has a coaster train on it

    2. 3 support columns on medusa are painted yellow instead of purple

    3. the arena next to medusa has 4 sections of grandstand painted a different color than the rest of the sections

    4. the roof of the building in bugs bunny national park across from its carousel has its roof painted a different color

    5. there is another pirate ship ride next to the palace of yum (or whatever its called)

    6. color difference on runaway mine trains tracks form an x

    7. El toro now has two trains on its track and the original is cut in half

    8. there are "fireworks " on top of GASM's station

    9. there is a square blue structure on top of super mans lift hill

    10. in the kiddie section by kingda ka there are extra things that look like sailboats in that area

    11. at a circus canopy across from the building where the oxygen bar is or was the canopy is now red instead of green

    12. at the entrance to tha park ther is a small circular garden with purple flowers on the edges. there are now three of them in a row on top of each-other overlapping

    13. across from the entrance to wiggle's world there is a structure that resembles a boat

    14. ther is a pink grid painted on the side of TDK building

    15. there is a second tented section added to the garden of eatin that makes the tented sections form a letter v

    16. there is an extra raft added to the roaring rapids illustration as well as a second train added to nitro



    those are all the differences (that i found) between the two maps i will post a link to a picture of the doctored map superimposed on top of the original with a lowered opacity to separate the two

  5. A simulator with OTSR's, wow! I hope we don't get that type of simulator.

    Luis L.

    B.T.W: Danian, do you agree with my film replacement suggestions. Also I agree that Right Stuff should come back.


    im sorry but what is an OTSR?


  6. hey my name's steve im 15 going on 16 i love roller coasters and SF I have been to great adventure, magic mountain, america, and the great escape. I love six flags my favorite ride at SFgav is nitro . The only coaster i have not been on in great adventure is kingda ka because i have yet to get to the park early enough to beat the line. In my free time i snowboard and ski i also run and operate a haunted house during the october season and have a website it is www.hauntedgarage.org it has not been updated as of yet though i expect it will be done by mid july. It is a free haunt and i encourage people in the area to come see it. Halloween is my second favorite thing next to roller coasters. ^_^

  7. im glad fantasy fling is still around but why'd they have to remove the flying wave a rethemed movie town to gotham city and a rethemed flying wave to a crime wave like SFoG would be an excellent idea!

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