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  1. ooo! Train ride is a great idea transportation and something for families and they could make it scary for FF like Dorney Park does for Halloweekends.
  2. well i personally hate line cutters the worst expierience ive had with them was last year at FF the terror trail line rapped around the entire merry go round and like up to where houdinis was then people would try to cut by us saying they were on a differnet line and eventually just stood next to us untill we started to enter the actually fenced in queue and then we called security and they were kicked out for cursing us out and threatening my dad. i was very happy with security but not of the organization of the line they should move it some where with less traffic not in the middle of the park!
  3. it alot of fun it makes it seem like the room is spinning its pretty cool im sad its closed
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