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  1. This particular destruction may not be visible from the park, but that doesn't make it right. All the trees that have been cut down in the park itself is noticable to guests, and has destroyed the atmosphere.
  2. I like the red better. The whole section looks ten times better in the top picture. It's a shame how ugly the park gets as the years go by. You would think they would do things to improve the park, instead of doing things that make it so unpleasant. The original color of the flume blended with the other colors in the area. Now they paint things colors that clash with everything around them and think they look good because they "stand out". Sticking out like a sore thumb does not make something attractive, it makes it ugly. Most rides in the park are giant metal towers, they do not need to be p
  3. ^^^^Exactly. It seems like the park is being run by a couple of teenage boys. They love roller coasters, but do not understand how to run a theme park. They think that just throwing a bunch of roller coasters in a parking lot is going to bring people flocking in to the park to ride them. They do not understand there is more to a park than coasters and coasters alone will not make a park successful. Great Adventure is a regional theme park. There are not enough people in the area that love roller coasters to sustain the park. They have to attract more than just teenage boys. They have to a
  4. ^^^^ How do you figure S:UF looks great and GL looks tacky? They are both right next to each other. They are both in the parking lot. They BOTH look tacky. And KK being "right in your face as you pull towards the parking lot" is horrible. Seeing the whole park from the parking lot destroys the whole experience of discovering the adventure as you explore the park. "In your face" is not pleasant. That is why the only people who like Six Flags are coaster enthusiasts. It is a huge turn-off to everyone else. I myself love coasters, but I much prefer a coaster that dives through trees than one that
  5. Are we really trying to make the argument that trees are bad because they give cover to thieves? How about having security in the park? Oh I forgot, that costs money. If you really think the park is going to spend money that they save on upgrading the park, your sadly mistaken. Where exactly do they plan to plant 25,000 trees to take place of the 18,000 they are cutting down? Why don't they put the solar panels where they plan to put the 25,000 trees? I doubt they plan to do any such thing. Even if they do it would not create another forest.
  6. Someone mentioned in an earlier post that there is unused safari land that is larger than the current parking lot. I assume the current safari ride is not as large as the previous drive through safari, which leaves empty land. I do not know if this is true or not, but if it is they would have other options.
  7. Magic Mountain is another Six Flags park, which pretty much proves my point. Every Six Flags park I have been to has built rides in the parking lot, except New England because their parking lot is across the street. The fact that they did it a long time ago does not mean it was a good idea, and I'm "griping" about it now because we are discussing park expansion now.
  8. ^^^ I could not agree more. The forest is the greatest asset the park has. It was built there for a reason. Six Flags has been very content systematically destroying it since they bought the park. There has to be a place where a solar farm could be built without destroying more forest. They could use the current parking lot. They choose not to because it would be cheaper to plow down the forest than to build the structure necessary to raise the panels above the cars. As always they believe whatever is cheaper is better. I understand it is a business, but cheaper is not always the best for the
  9. Because there are roller coasters in it. You pull into the parking lot and you are in the park. The whole park has just become a parking lot with rides in it. It's tacky, ugly, and destroys any resemblance of theming. When the park was a forest you saw nothing while parking your car except trees. You entered a forest and discovered rides and attractions on your journey. With all the land they have it was never necessary to plow down every tree and build coasters in the parking lot. They just do not understand the difference between a theme park and a carnival. Great Adventure has become n
  10. The topic is Zumanjaro. That is the future ride. We are discussing the addition of Zumanjaro as being what the park is doing wrong. That is not off topic. The idea of a discussion forum is to have a discussion, not just rave about how great the ride is going to be. We are discussing Zumanjaro and the decisions the park is making in order to add it.
  11. They desperately need to reopen that theatre. I only hope they do not leave it to Facebook to determine what kind of entertainment to add. The people who read their Facebook page are the people already coming to the park and not the people they need to attract. They'll add a show geared toward teenagers, it will not attract any new guests, and everyone will say "You should just be happy they added a show". I see it coming.
  12. However you may classify the rides, the simple fact is that Six Flags caters to a limited demographic, and this will never work. The idea that they think the most important thing the park needs right now is another thrill ride is a clear example that they have no idea what they are doing.
  13. I think the problem may be that none of the senior executives at Six Flags have any theme park experience. They try to run the parks the way they ran the businesses they worked for previousely, and it does not work. They need to find people with theme park experience to run the company.
  14. Six Flags has never understood, and apparently still does not, the importance of maintenance and upkeep. They think this is a waste of money they could be spending on a new ride. They do not realize that the crumbling park is turning away business and a new ride does not create new business. Instead of adding a new ride every year, they need to hold off for a while and use the money to fix what they already have.
  15. While I agree that some changes are inevitable at parks, and it was time for RT's removal, I do not agree that everything that has been removed has been done for good reason; such as the Conestoga Wagon, Teepee, trees, etc.. I also fail to see how a 415 drop tower appeals to a "broader demographic". While I'm excited about riding it, I believe a new thrill ride is the last thing the park needs right now. The park is jam packed with thrill rides. In order to really appeal to a broader demographic, they need to spend some money repairing the crumbling infrastructure and adding shows, decent
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