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  1. The muffleheads are at CP all the time during the summer near dusk. There is an extra treat for those who visit CP in the Mayfly season. Just avoid the front cars of a coaster...especially the front row if you are not into such an experience.
  2. My predictions.... I'd assume the 17th is the last weekend for Summer vacations in the Ohio area...I'd expect a very packed park as people squeak in that final summer vacation. 3 days? It depends on how much you like Cedar Point...or waterparks. If you push the visit to the Aug 24 -2 days will probably be enough. Its a long boring drive...make it 2 days at Cedar Point stop in Pittsburgh for a break and visit Kennywood on the way there or on the way back! Or Idlewild if taking a more northern route. Just be warned many placed become weekend only after Aug 20th. (I learned that the hard way at Idlewild...the Moose should have told you the park is closed).
  3. I really enjoyed the new breakers hotel when I stayed there at the end of August for 3 nights. That time of the year many kids were back in school so the park was less crowded and breakers was much more affordable. I'd consider Breakers at full price especially for something like a bachelor type event. Take a look at their suites and don't invite Tom Hanks. There is early entry for hotel guests...but if guests have a Platinum Season pass they will get that too. FastPass is a must for Maverick and Valravn. If you are serious you might want to buy the Park + FlashPass Plus tickets that are on sale now for the holiday for $80 each. A very good deal!! Congratulations!!
  4. Ahh the days of no cellphones or GoPro cameras in the park...one can only dream. I think they need a $ bounty to ride ops for each person they catch with a phone/camera out on a ride. I swear this is what Cedar Point does. They were like hawks looking to catch people and had no problem stopping a ride and taking the phone.
  5. You entered at the same exact place you do today...and yes the same Kingda Ka sign was there in the same spot. The main switchback queue today was the over flow queue in the original line. You used to go straight back and under the track where you turn left now into the switchback queues. There was yet another queue building in the middle. You should be happy the original line no longer exists as it was a much longer walk for re-rides.
  6. I don't think Gargoyles would live in Poinsettia Peak... They could reload the VR with Santa's Elves Theme for HITP but I somehow I think this is FF only.
  7. Don't even expect to see anything close to this...Marketing at its best...or Side Shows at their best!
  8. Maybe it was just Wasteland that was such a mess with the line. The security guard there did not seem to know what was going on and didn't even take my Free Trail ticket... Express definitely took longer than the regular line but it might have been his fault. That why they call it Preview Night.
  9. I'm happy they have added new shows BUT....."SLASH" is just a really BAD show...(and I though Jack Frost was very entertaining). Mediocre Magic Tricks / Bad Jokes / Dance school recital quality dancers. If it was trying to be a bad black magic show then it succeeded. Stay away from this one..and don't let the Adults Only lure you in. Go see the Freak Show by Green Lantern instead. Last night was also really crowded for a Friday opening night....so enjoy those cheap season passes! They are giving one free trail pass that you can used toward $5 off a trail pass. You have to trade the free trail coupon in at the trail ticket booth...wait in another line they can try to up-sell you to a trail pass. ExpressPass lines seemed longer than the normal lines. When most buy express..express doesn't quite work.
  10. I'd suggest not using a Debit Card (for anything). Should something go wrong (which is quite possible in this wonderful world) your recovery choices are much more limited since they already took the $ out of your account.
  11. Right now is the best price for the Cedar Fair Platinum Pass. No other sales. Unlike Six Flags the Season Pass is NOT good the remainder of this year unless you pay more. They also give a discount at renewal and this year are giving a free one day Fast Pass Plus for 2016 at Cedar Point (almost worthless as lines are minimal this time of year). Kings Island, Kings Dominion, Dorney Park, Carowinds, Cedar Point are close enough to make it worth the $$. I don't eat Theme Park food so I don't even consider any Dining Plan....that stuff will kill you.
  12. Its only optional if they make you think its optional by charging for the trails. Does everyone pay for HITP? I think the Cedar Fair Platinum Pass is priced well for what you get. Six Flags Gold Pass is not priced well...its way too cheap.
  13. My express sticker got stuck to the inside of my wallet after the first visit. They replaced it but it just happened again and stuck to my ACE card. Another solution would be to raise the season pass price by $30 and forget the upcharges? I think I'll spend my haunt $ elsewhere this year.
  14. Surprised the museum has not made a return yet in 2016. For a location...the Chiller's Observatory??
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