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  1. RIP Rolling Thunder http://coasterfusion.com/news.php?extend.42
  2. Thanks very cool site! Anyway, no I recall it being Rolling Thunder, I remember being pulled up the hill backwards. I did ride Lightnin Loops as well. The only other place I would of rode a wooden coaster would of been Wildwood. Maybe it was just a memory I created.
  3. Sorry for bumping an old thread but I arrived here from a link in a closed thread that was posted. Anyway, I know I never rode Rolling Thunder backwards in 84 since I was only 2yrs old but I vividly recall riding the it backwards at some point. I remember going there and and seeing people go up the hill backwards and freaking out since my dad use to tell me about how it went backwards at one point and waiting in line forever to ride it since the line was so long. I don't recall the year sometime during the 90s, I recall still being pretty young so before high school so between 93-97 but I can't be sure. Thing is I can't find any information about it running backwards other then in '84. Unless I've just been told about it so many times I created a memory of it for myself and think its real now.
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