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  1. I'm now at 155 after my Kings Island and Cedar Point Trip!
  2. I worked at the park for 3 years from 2011-2013. It is a great first job for the experience (working with others/dealing with the public). I was in foods for 1 year and rides for 2. I've always wanted to work roller coasters, so rides was the best place for me. I worked Green Lantern in 2012 as a team member, and in the following year I was promoted to unit supervisor of Superman: Ultimate Flight. I was going to return in 2014, but I decided not to come back. Overall, I had an amazing experience working at the park. If you plan to go corporate someday, it is a great place to learn how companies work. I was a minor and one of the youngest (17 years old) individuals on the management team. That will surely go on my resume!
  3. Thank you! The good ol' Samsung Galaxy S4's camera is pretty awesome. I really loved both parks, but Cedar Point was just a completely different experience. I love how it's surrounded on 3 sides by water. The water view makes the rides that more breathtaking. I loved The Beast and Banshee the most. I thought Diamondback was alright due to the seatbelt. I hope you get the chance to go to Cedar Point next year!
  4. After my CP and KI trip, I'm now at 155 coaster credits!

  5. Hey everyone! It's been a while since I posted on the forums (Nice to see old and new users), but I thought I'd share my FIRST ever trip to Cedar Point and Kings Island. (Last summer (2014) I went to southern California and went to Six Flags Magic Mountain, Knott's Berry Farm, Universal Hollywood, and both Disney parks. I will post that trip sometime soon though it's a year late. lol) Anyway, the trip was amazingly fun though it rained profusely. There were still decent crowds at both parks when it rained. I was able to get on mostly all the coasters (minus Wicked Twister at CP and Woodstock Express at KI). My favorites were: -The Beast -GateKeeper -Banshee -Maverick All, who have made it (except Maverick) into my top 10. It's getting harder and harder t choose my top 10, but I digress. Here are some photos from my trip, enjoy!
  6. visiting Cedar Point and Kings Island for the first time this summer!

  7. Bourbon Street Fireball has the most unique name out of all the additions this year.
  8. Its nice to see the walkway open again to the public. Hopefully, within a couple of years Old Country is brand new.
  9. Just came back from Orlando. Escape from Gringotts and the rest of the Diagon Alley expansion at Universal is just amazing.

  10. This just in, Ninja at Six Flags Magic Mountain has derailed! Hope everybody makes it off the ride okay. Here's the live stream if anyone wants to watch: http://abcnews.go.com/Live/
  11. I'm a huge LIM coaster fan, and I'm looking forward to Flight of Fear. The only difference I've seen between the two are that the FoF creations have mid-course break runs that slow the train down significantly.
  12. Thanks Harry! I'd like to catch up when I come visit the museum. I'm actually thinking about going either Tuesday or Thursday. Are you covering those days?
  13. I just have to say...Zumanjaro: Drop of Doom is definitely one of the best drop tower experiences ever! I miss my freefall and this addition to the park was definitely worth the time and money spent creating this drop tower. I rode in gondola 1 (which is the one closest to Ka's drop). Our gondola was first to reach the magnetic breaks with the other two trailing close by. The moment the "roof" opens the cable cars lift you to your impending doom as you travel 415 ft into the air. Once the gondola is close to the top of the tower it starts to slow down and the cable cars lock in place. There is about a 3 second pause before you plummet 400 or so feet into the magnetic breaks. I'm a huge fan of drop towers, especially Tower of Terror at Disney World, and Zumanjaro just hit it out of the park for me. I cannot wait to try Lex Luthor: Drop of Doom at Magic Mountain this year as well as Disneyland's version of Tower of Terror. I'll let you guys know how they compare!
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