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  1. Only Six Flags would be tacky enough to leave a dumpster out where guests can see it. Classy.
  2. Is anyone at the park right now? If so, how busy is it?
  3. ^I'm wondering if we got the same one. The concept I got seemed cool but not life-changing and amazing.
  4. ^There are quite a few big coasters that have constantly moving cars. Hollywood Rip Rid Rocket uses this. New Texas Giant used this system for a couple months. It is perfectly safe. All restraints are checked whether the train is slowly moving or completely stopped. I have never seen cars on TDK dispatched without being checked,
  5. ^^ The dispatches were great for all the coasters. No stacking for anything. Even Hydra, which is a really short ride, and takes a while to park the train between cycles was not stacking. Plus, you could leave your bags in the bins that the employees closed during the cycle. The attendants were also working together, if one finished their half of the train they checked the other attendants side, to quicken dispatches. In the morning, Thunderhawk had only one person checking restraints and he still cycled the train faster than the Rolling Thunder crew ever did.
  6. I spent an amazing day at Dorney Park yesterday, and it showed how much Great Adventure needs to improve on. -The rides were operated so much better at Dorney. -There were so many more food options at Dorney, and they were so much better priced. -Every ride ran from opening to close without any issues. -There were tons of family rides including two train rides. I may switch from a Six Flags season pass to a Dorney pass next year.
  7. ^Elitch Garden's top spin was awful... Uncomfortable and boring. I'm glad to see it go.
  8. The Goliath fire was on the roof of the station. It didn't have anything to do with the coaster.
  9. ^^I also wonder why Six Flags is going with the 20/24 seat version of the ride instead of the 32 seat version that Larson offers. Great Adventure could really use those 8/12 extra seats.
  10. ^I really wonder about the quality of their rides. Within a couple weeks of opening, the El Loco in Japan had a minor accident, resulting in the ride being closed since March. Also, the Tranan trains colliding... and all of the downtime their launched coasters have. Hopefully Batman will be a good coaster and an improvement to Intamin's design, but I won't believe it til people ride it.
  11. ^Not exactly. Instead of ending in a brake run, the blue track changes color and leads right onto the green lift. After completing the green circuit it enters the station, and the train leaving the station is blue. It's basically one coaster, with a second lift in the middle of the circuit. If you watch the video of it this should be more clear. Also, RCDB is not always right when it comes to small details, such as number of trains. Most likely this ride will have 3+ trains, not two as posted on there.
  12. I don't understand why the ride isn't going to open until late spring. These rides should only take a few days to set up and test. Waiting for Zumanjaro to open was frustrating, and I hoped that the park would have learned from that and planned to have it ready for opening day.
  13. Everybody always asks for inverting flats - and now that one is announced everyone complains. I think that for what it is, Looping Dragon will be a fun ride, and it will help to complete the Golden Kingdom area. I'm worried that the capacity will be a bit too low for Great Adventure, but I'm sure they'll have an efficient crew running the ride.
  14. The permanent versions actually look REALLY nice. And they don't have the awful cage over the riders or cables going across the ride.
  15. La Ronde is rumored to get a dark ride/walk through attraction.
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