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  1. You're not kidding about squirrel's and wires. My father never puts his car in the garage and he lives in a fairly wooded area in Jersey. He has twice now had to have the wiring under the hood of his car replaced due to squirrels chewing them apart. Each time he brought the car to the dealer since the car was still under warranty, he was told that the wires had been chewed through by squirrels. Obviously, squirrel chewing isn't covered under any auto manufacturer's warranty and it's not cheap to have all of your engine wiring replaced.
  2. That's hilarious... Are the two photos actually of the Mullica River or are those downed trees over a waterway at GA? Personally, I would like to see a return to the Roaring Rapids name which, with your suggested theming, would certainly be more appropriate than Congo Rapids.
  3. I never knew they owned land abutting I-195, but if true, that would certainly be the most valuable land. My concern is $8 million dollars of undeveloped land in Jackson, NJ sounds like a very large number of acres, most of which GA owned south of Prospertown Lake, and most of which is shielded from development for environmental reasons. Thus, I'm not sure who would buy such a large number of acres of land that they knew had restrictions on the lands use. Update: So I checked the acreage owned by the park in the 2020 Annual Report. It turns out that in the report, the company c
  4. Too funny... Angel is a Centerfold always reminds me of GA as well. It received a lot of air play during my first Summer working at GA in 1981.
  5. Totally a guess here, but using some previous building contents as the basis for my guess... Were there 28 SkeeBall Lanes in the building when it was renamed?
  6. If I'm not mistaken, this gem has appeared on the calendar before as something that should be removed. Personally, I'd like to see it removed and open-up Dream Street to it's original design. While I was never a fan of the flower beds that had been put there to divert traffic following Six Flags' purchase, it was, at least attractive. I also thought it was a good spot for Jumping Jack Flash when it operated in that spot. The building does nothing but draw attention to itself because it is boarded-up and not at all attractive from either side of the street.
  7. Just my opinion and I understand the need for a cohesive brand image. That being said, I have no problem when people or the park's marketing efforts refer to the park as Six Flags Great Adventure, SFGA, Great Adventure, or GA. But, when I see or hear the park referred to as simply Six Flags (especially in a ride spiel when visiting) or on the rides (like the front of the Log Flume's logs), as well as on most of the park's merchandise, I don't get the best feeling or image in my mind of the place. I realize this may sound a bit crazy and is probably a result of the image I had of the park in
  8. Interesting interior design, although it is somewhat different than the interior of Yum Yum Palace when I worked there 1980-1982. Back then, the kitchen and serving area was not confined to the area below the mirrored menus and back toward the rear of the restaurant. This design, just guessing, probably occurred when the exterior was repainted more like the original paint scheme along with these interior pillars. The terra-cotta like brown tile floor is obviously changed from the original. Back in the early eighties, three (possibly four) satellite order and serving areas extended out in f
  9. A very young Larry B. Cochran. Larry was 37 years old when he took the reigns at Great Adventure in 1977. This picture of Larry was taken in 1976 while Vice President/General Manager of Six Flags over Mid-America. Larry eventually went on to lead the Six Flags Corporation as President.
  10. I knew several families that attended GA for the first time using this type of ticket. If you think about it, if you were bringing a family of five people, the economy at the time, and so many other things going on that affected people's pocket books, you could bring that family for close to half the price it would cost you had you bought a full-priced combination ticket to the park. And, on top of it, there really was a different magic to Great Adventure at night back then.
  11. Fantastic picture and the only view of the fountain that I have ever seen with Pretty Monster clearly visible to the right in the background.
  12. Three different gates on GA's property has always represented a real opportunity for this property to move toward a destination complex rather than simply the regional complex that it continues to be. Had it not been for the virus, I don't think you could have seriously conquered all three parks in just a day. The drive through Safari, I think, has been a saving grace for this particular property. I have always loved the contrast of Giraffes walking between the vehicles. From the pictures, it also seems that the Safari has managed to grow back a lot of the green stuff (grass) that had been
  13. I had always regarded Hernando's Hideaway as being the games building at the exit to Rolling Thunder. I know when Rolling Thunder was built, Larry Cochran (park GM at the time) referred to that entirely new area as the Spanish section of the park and the first of the park's new themed areas. The Johny Rockets, just my opinion, in that area of the park would not be so bad had the building's exterior remained a bit more consistent with a spanish themed land rather than plopping down a building with an exterior making it look completely out of place. This, however, is something I th
  14. Thank you Harry... I looked at the NJ.com posting and didn't realize that "today" wasn't "today."
  15. I find the timing of this just a little bit suspect. Seems like it was planned just in time that the extra $600 a week in unemployment benefits (Federal Pandemic Unemployment Compensation) ends, motivating many people to return to work and lower the amount the State will be doling out in unemployment benefits.
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