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  1. Memories are sometimes linked to songs. What song reminds you of Great Adventure? Mine is "Forget You" by Cee Lo Green. It's music video got played A LOT on the TVs in the lines over the 2011 season.
  2. How would a flying coaster fit into the Golden Kingdom? Your idea is great, but I can't think of much for a jungle flying coaster
  3. Yeah! It doesn't fit in next to the tents.
  4. I've noticed a lot of people are picking Superman. It's Ok, but like Yoshi said, it has a HUGE line for a short ride.
  5. Maybe have a survey or something on which old ride was best. Autobahn is coming back in the form of some new bumper cars. And the advertising on Fantasy Fling/Tornado is helping to keep it running. But I do agree with Musik.
  6. When I first saw the Green Lantern plane, that's what I thought too. It looks like they made several mods to it though. *Edit* I saw it from a different angle. You're right, it is the F-104 from the right stuff.
  7. For some reason my mom (yes I'm an early teen) decided to open up her window while we were driving through the white-tailed section. She wanted my sister to get a better view of the deer so she could film it! The stupid part is, though, that she was scared as hell when a deer walked by us when our windows were closed.
  8. Superman is ok, not really my favorite. But I agree with Old Country. Put in a new musik express, bumper cars and a few other flat rides and theme them to some movies and people might be happy. Plus, it's sorta useless just sitting there.
  9. What would you remove, and what would you replace it with? For me it would be Skull Mountain, and I would replace it with a dark ride. GAdv lacks one, and they could probably keep the warehouse the Skull Mountain was in, just redo the scenery.
  10. If you look at the extra picture you can see what looks like a plane in the bottom right. I heard that the F-104 from The Right Stuff simulator ride was there, but that looks more like a WWII era trainer. (C-45: look it up)
  11. Is it bad that I remembered how to get to Movietown from going on BTR so much?
  12. ^^^^ AGREED! I think it would be cool to have webcams from other SF parks. Just relax and watch the rides. And name it "Park Views" or something like that.
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