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  1. I know there was a fire that caused the old Fortune Festival area to become the current day Boardwalk, however I think (from looking at pictures) that the left and right are the same structures that are at the park today. Did the fire just affect the back "dead end" area?
  2. I've heard past employees talk about a death that occurred during the Camp Wanda years. Apparently over near the current site of the bandstand in BBNP a girl drowned or something in the lake and is now seen wandering the lakefront sometimes. Anyone know anything about this?
  3. Hopefully this is the right forum, but I guess this goes to employees or anyone who knows the park well. Anyone ever have any ghost experiences or the like around GA?
  4. How far could I go if I launched a boat at the park off of the property onto prospertown lake?
  5. To avoid posting multiple topics, I'll just throw out a few questions I've had on Reed Rd here. I drove down the road for the first time and its pretty weird seeing the park from that aspect. 1) What is the road? Was it just a boundary line for when GA was purchased, or was it made for construction access of the park? 2) What is the area near the very backend of the safari (near lions) that almost looks on google maps to be a boneyard-type area? Just curious about these any info would be great. -D
  6. I heard there was a tour sometime in the nineties of Chiller showing behind the scenes areas (computers, etc.). Does anyone have any photos from this? Also, does anyone know how the operators got up into the control booth? Anyone who might have been in the building (other than the queue), would you be able to describe what is below and above the station? Just curious, Dan
  7. Does anyone have any pictures of the inside of the control room? And was it just a big electrical room or was it actually a fully operational control room?
  8. Not sure if this is the correct forum, but does anybody remember that video that was posted to on GA's website that had a time lapse of Ka's construction? I've been searching for it for years and it doesn't seem to be anywhere online. It had a song in the background that went like "push me down, drag me round, thats what...gets me through." It also ended with the topping off ceremony where you overheard the construction worker radio saying "the eagle has landed. its done." If anyone has a copy of this please either respond or PM me! Dan
  9. Does anyone know of any buildings that have attics or basements that are interesting? I know teepee had a tunnel, anything else?
  10. Thanks this what I was looking for! I can't wait to see an old country spotlight and maybe even one on this building!!
  11. I have noticed that when you exit the skyride through the fort, as the staircase comes to a mid landing, a small square trapdoor is on the ceiling, complete with a ladder-like structure attached to the wall leading up to it. Is this attic-like trapdoor an access method to the top catwalks, or is there another portion of the building it accesses? Or is it just storage? Dan
  12. I was wondering if anyone had any information on the hat stand that was located in the now-abandoned old country area? It was next to the Musik Express I believe. Was it always a hat stand? Just was wondering and I searched around and found minimal information about it. Dan
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