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  1. its about time NJ raised the gas tax. it was way too low for yrs. NJ needs the $$$$.
  2. people had to be nuts to go today. everybody knew it was going to be mobbed.
  3. the park has signs posted around the park and in every coaster station, not responsible for lost or stolen cups. thats why you get a locker. problem solved.
  4. did you check the price at cp express hotel, just outside, that includes 1 hr early entry too
  5. are you staying in a CP hotel? that gets you 1 hr early entry. that helps. or are you buying a CF platinum pass?
  6. i went to try the maryland fries today. all they are, reg fries with the old bay season sprinkled on them. NO dipping sauce. what a bummer, i passed and went elsewhere.
  7. buy the memebership, pay in full for the dining plan. after you make yout 12th payment cancel. sf will try to keep you by offering a special for gold at $5.99. do not take it. the park will then come back with a price of $3 a month. you take that final offer. my friends have been paying $3 a month for over 2 yrs per pass. its a total bargain
  8. most people dont have daily passes. most mornings the SPH lines are longer then the daily lines. how do you not buy a SP when it costs only $63 at the labor day flash sale. and thats with the free upgrade to gold. if your not in HH, you can get the pass even cheaper at SFA or SFNE
  9. always buy your pass at the labor day flash sale thats when it is cheapest.
  10. The biggest mistake SFGradv did is to make HH so far away and a seperate gate. Also there is zero reason why a gold pass does not work at the other SF seperate water parks, like SFMM.
  11. I could care less what the ride looks like, and even if they painted the rides, they arent going to run any better. just compare rides at sfgadv to other parks. they are horrible. nitro runs like crap compared to apollos chariot. Ka runs like garbage compared to TTD. Toro is starting to get rough and shaky. The parks spends zero $$$ on maintenance compared to other parks. Superman is disgusting looking, and the que is a disgrace. and i can go on and on. you get what you pay for at $63 for a pass, you aint getting painted and maintained rides like other parks.
  12. thats what a $63 season pass gets you
  13. i dont know what SFGadv problem is, but they have the worst lighting packages out of any park i have been in. Its brutal. look at Ka, it has like 8 lights on top of tower, and 2 spot lights in the que. horrendous what the park does compared to all the other parks i visit. SFgadv is in sad shape right now
  14. the rides arent going to run any better with new paint. why should sfgadv spend the $$$$$. Its not a wise business move. SP are $63. what do you expect you get what you pay for.
  15. I dont see the point of doing anything with old country just tear the decrepid bldgs down and close it. it hasnt been used in yrs the park doesnt need it
  16. if CF was in charge of SFGAdv, we would have a ton more coke freestyle machines and midnight closings i bet would come back. And much better staffing on the coasters.
  17. Cheapest way to go to SF is buy a season pass at the labor day sale. It costs approx $64 and you get the gold upgrade for free. And you can do a membership, and pay it off over 12 months. Then after 12 months you cancel, and SF will come back at a special price of $5.99. You decline that. Then SF comes back with a final offer of $3 a month. A total bargain to keep a SF pass.
  18. Biggest mistake SFGAdv did was adding the dual loading platforms. They should have done the same as what CP did for TTD.
  19. The next big coaster SFGadv builds is going to incorporate the baboons . It going to give great views of the closed off area in the safari. Hopefully flying right by giving us great views of the baboons
  20. The ride isnt opening up till memorial day weekend. still plenty of time to get it ready
  21. AS long as the new joker coasters in 2017 flip more then the dud we got last season, that is all that matters. I hear the origional in texas was 100x better then the crap sfgadv got. I could care less what the paint scheme is.
  22. HH has the worst lazy river i have ever been in. everyone in river should be in a tube. there should be a que for the entrance, and 1 exit area. these entrances and exits all over the place and having not enough tubes is a total disgrace. with the amount of guests they get, they need to add a 2nd wavepool, and add way more slides. the place is awful. also, hh should not be a free upgrade on your pass . you should have to pay for the upgrade on your pass. all slides should have green lights on when to go. the efficiency is terrible.
  23. When i went to the construction tour for the joker and we had Q+A with the park president, somebody in the group asked this. It souded like the park has zero interest in trying to make KA a more comfortable ride.
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