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  1. Love that the 2nd queue house runs right along side the bottom of the drop. Hoping it provides some amazing views!
  2. After riding Wonder Woman golden lasso coaster today I’m glad jersey devil isn’t a clone and is more spread out.
  3. Hello all! I will be going to Fiesta Texas next weekend for a few days. Seeking input on - must see/do at the themepark - any must eat at the themepark (if there’s anything special?) - any recommendations on anything to do,see, or eat outside of the park, and anything else in general that I should know!
  4. Out of curiosity, do you feel the same Regarding open without restrictions about six flags ?
  5. Likewise. Especially with all of the on property resorts. How are they going to tell people on a trip staying on property they can’t come into the parks? Very curious on how this is going to play out.
  6. From the Universal Orlando website - What are your thoughts? Will you be visiting or be waiting?
  7. I thought that as well but wasn't positive. Its also cheaper then it was when it was only a drive thru!
  8. Haply Birthday Harry!! Hope it was as great as a quarantine birthday can get!
  9. Half capacity trucks but also lower amount of guests too. It will probably equal out.
  10. This is just temporary and the safari will return to normal once the themepark opens.
  11. Six Flags released its reservation page today, with some FAQ that can be found here - https://sixflags.com/reserve USA today also posted an article with some insight - SOURCE
  12. I drove by yesterday and didn’t see anything happening.
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