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  1. That's funny I remember riding the mini swings in 2008 when I was 8 years old with my little sister. Good times. I'm pretty sure I was too big for them back then and remember my feet scraping along the ground the whole ride.
  2. Does anyone on here know how you can become part of the promotional video/commercial for the new ride? I was thinking that would be really cool to be a part of. I heard SFA let anyone sign up for their Firebird commercial. Also I believe someone on here did one for Zumanjaro? They won't make it for a while now but was thinking it'd be really fun!
  3. Was at the park on Wednesday and it was absolutely dead! Only stayed for a few hours and got on most major coasters, many several times. Still haven't ridden Wonder Woman yet, but I'm looking forward to it when it does reopen.
  4. Have any of the clones at other parks had similar issues upon opening?
  5. The parked was insanely packed today. I'm really glad I got to the park early in the day because by 1 it was just too much. The line to go through the parking booths was crazy long, then the security lines were also insane. I was really glad I had my Diamond Elite today because I got preferred parking, skipped the security line, and skipped two ride lines. Went to Toro first and it was a station wait, but a few hours later it was up to an hour wait. Got my skip the line for SORA and KK which was nice. After getting off KK the park was packed and the lines for everything was insane. I think Green Lantern had a 70 minute wait, and I saw Batman go into where the curvy uncovered walkway is, and Nitro go where the switchbacks are. I left at about 2:30 and walking out the security lines spilled into the parking lot which I haven't seen happen before. I'm glad I left when I did because I could barely walk around towards the end.
  6. Okay cool. One of my bottles is a little bent and is hard to screw the cap on now. Also I wish Six Flags had the disposable cup option like Cedar Fair does. Just visited KD yesterday and I have the drink pass on my platinum pass and it is so much easier to not have to carry a cup around.
  7. Anyone know if members get new cups every year?
  8. Can't believe the park opens tomorrow! I haven't been to the park since November so I miss it.
  9. Got an email saying the park is getting a special metal detector line just for Diamond and Diamond Elite members. This is gonna be do useful when the park is super busy.
  10. https://twitter.com/SFGrAdventure/status/1112789526399860736?s=09 Looks like El Toro will be getting some new track!
  11. I've had a Season Pass/Membership since 2012, and I've never actually been to opening day yet. I've been to the park on the second operating day, but never the first. This year I'm finally going to be able to make it out for the parks official opening day. I'm very excited and the weather looks pretty warm!
  12. I really love this pin collecting idea. Planning on going to the park opening day and will be able to get the pin. Also would love to strive for 25 visits in one year. I think my record for most visits in a season is 18.
  13. Anyone know if the park will ever sell nanocoasters? I purchased one at Cedar Point and love it, and know that some other SF parks sell them as well. It would be nice to purchase some with the 50% off discount that comes with my Diamond Elite.
  14. I loved Panda too but since it wasn't on the dining pass I rarely purchased it because why would I pay when I have a dining pass? I hope it's good because I remember the SFA one being almost at the same level as Panda.
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