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  1. In my time visiting the park and working at the Chiller, I never heard it play any music in the station and or queue lines. The only thing close to music was the constant, low rumble and static sound effect emanating from the station building. (I have a recording of that somewhere) I also messed with many of the sound effects and automated queue spiels that had broken long before I worked the ride, and all I ever found was a loud "boom" sound effect and pre-recorded boarding and un-boarding spiels. As far as if the ride ever played music before any of that, (2005), it might have, but that was before my time.
  2. As the photo above states, it is one of the side rail wheels which typically were red. The wheel was gifted to me by a mechanic of the park in 2005. That's how I acquired it, unfortunately, there is no solid way to verify it came from the ride other than my word, and matching the wheel to photos of the ride.
  3. Up for sale is a wheel from the infamous Great Adventure Coaster VIPER. The wheel was briefly used on the coaster ( as you can see from the wear) This is a unique item for any collection and surely a great conversation piece. Feel free to make me an offer, there's really no saying in what exactly this is worth. See below photos.
  4. Latest rumor I'm hearing is that Beto Carrero World is having trouble finding an engineering / coaster firm to help and assist with the installation of the ride, more specifically, the LIM / electrical system. Apparently they reached out to Premier Rides directly and Premier refused to touch the coaster. Hopefully if this is true they will find someone to hire who can get the job done. (Can't blame Premier on their decision though)
  5. Eh... not so much the case actually in my opinion. Depends how you look at it. There's wood under the steel plate, it's not all steel yea, but it's not the same way a tradtional coaster would be done.I still count it as cheating a little because the entire track is pre fab. The only difference is the RCM coaster's track style is all steel.
  6. Hear me out, I honestly think it would be Morey's Piers. And here's why: Beach. Atmosphere. People love the beach. Sure, Great Adventure has a waterpark, but, we all know, it doesn't compare to actually being on the beach and taking a dip in the Ocean. People can have a beach day / ride day combination and it's all in the same spot. You can make more of a trip out of it: There's countless hotels in the area and Wildwood / Cape May is a fun town. The strip by Morey's is lined with motels, hotels, places to stay. The town is fun, there's mini golf, great food, good beach atmosphere. Basically, you're not just limited to the park. You can literally get a wrist band, walk out, and come back any time of day. But unlinke Great Adventure, there's a lot to do in the area. Add this to the park literally being on a (pretty nice too) boardwalk, which families and kids adore, and it's not comparable to Great Adventure. The rides are comparable, and there's A LOT of them: Morey's has flat rides out the a**. GOOD flat rides too that you won't find at Great Adventure. They have the upcharge attractions you'll find at Six Flags. The haunted ghost ship walk through is themed so well and executed far better than ANY fright fest attraction Six Flags has. There's a plethora of kids rides, everywhere. There's every classic ride you'd ever want: Swings, bumper cars, Himalaya, pirate ship, inverting flats, you name it, they got it. People adore these rides. They have "real" roller coasters. A Vekoma Boomerang, custom woodie, and SLC are certainly more than your average "Boardwalk" coasters. From my experiences working at GADV, the general public compared EVERYTHING to the shore / Moreys: Musik Express, they all complained it didn't go backwards "like the one at the boardwalk" They thought Chiller was "better than Sea Serpent." They said the games and prizes sucked compared to the boardwalk games. The said the bumper cars at the boardwalk don't have to drive one way. The list goes on and on...
  7. Wingriders are over hyped. It's a similar experience to a floorless coaster and they have the same exact elements as any other B&M coaster. In my opinion at least. I'd take an RMC any day over yet another B&M looping coaster. RMCs are brilliantly unique not only in innovation but in the elements they work into their coasters. We already have Bizzarro Green Lantern Batman the Ride 3 decent B&M Loopers. For me, a Wingrider wouldn't bring enough new to the table for our park. I am in full support of either another launched, preferably shuttle coaster, or another wooden coaster. "classic" wooden like Wildcat or or RMC style is fine, preferably RMC
  8. Not exactly true, keeping the dome actually cost more money because they converted it. The dome was left there with the intention of using it for several different purposes. It's been some type of interactive 3D thing and handful of other random things. It was actually converted from an open structure to an enclosed one, so not only did they leave it standing, they put more money into it by making it water proof and converting it into an actual building. I've always thought its a nice themeing piece that goes a little with TDK.
  9. I do commend the recent effort to fill in the many holes of the park where rides used to be, as well as the effort to bump up the flat ride count. That part of this addition is great. But we want to see it done tastefully. A super loop is not a ride that belongs at Great Adventure. The big fury and uproar is merely, at least for me, Six Flags deceiving it's loyal guests by advertising this ride as a roller coaster, when clearly, it is not. And they have to know that. It is, simply put, wrong and dis honest. They are in a sense polishing a turd.
  10. Agreed, a 4D is a small footprint and if the initial design proves itself, it's likely Six Flags will or already has ordered a "bundle" of them to install at various parks. But again, no company is going to build and manufacture a ride before its paid for. Which would mean, if we were slated to receive a 4D in 2015, it would already have been bought in full therefore not affecting the budget in 2015. And even then, I'm sure the money coming to pay for these coasters is not coming from each park individually, there's probably a corporate budget / fund on a higher level for ALL six flags flags parks regarding what they do or do not get. What could be likely is perhaps our 2015 coaster was purchased and has been manufactured, however, the park is not willing to spend the money to erect it at this time and therefore delayed the construction.
  11. Why does everyone have to be so hard on Zumanjaro's reliability? It has worked perfectly fine with no downtime I've been at the park. Minus it's recent several day closing, I haven't seen many issues with it. It's really not that complex of a ride.
  12. I'm not sold that we were "getting a new coaster in 2015 until Zumanjaro went over budget." It takes a long time to build a roller coaster. Not to be confused with erecting one, I'm talking about: The initial design phase (Surveying the land, seeing what will fit, rendering it on software and creating it all digitally Presenting the design to the park, receiving approval for it, doing all the legalities Machining the pieces and welding them together at the steel plant Then, finally, the ride is shipped and installed. This process takes YEARS. Anything that would have been in the works for 2015 would have been past the point of no return when Zumanjaro went over budget. There's contracts involved in ordering a coaster from a company, and most likely the ride is completely pre paid for before anyone even starts building the coaster at the steel factory level. So if Zumanjaro went over budget and they really were planning on a coaster for 2015, it's not like they can go to the manufacturer and be like "Hey... so that new coaster for next year, we have to scrap that, there's no money." Thats not how it works, the new coaster would have been done by this time and the pieces well on their way towards the park.
  13. Perhaps they should have planned more accordingly to have the ride arrive on time? It's not that hard to "plan ahead" for a ride like this. There is no excuse as to why it should open late. I completely understand Zumanjaro, Kingda Ka, and any other major attraction opening late. There's millions of variables in those cases. Or surely they can just go find one for sale from a closing carnival and install that. . . . . But a carnival flat ride designed intentionally to be broken apart and rebuilt in a matter of days would surely be an easy task for a park that installed the world's tallest and fastest roller coaster through a really harsh winter season, and they managed to have that open before summer.
  14. I think in theory then the ride will only be able to run two trains, and , on top of this, they will need to be unloaded, loaded, and dispatched simultaneously to allow the trains to pass through the station to complete the full ride.
  15. Based what I got out of the video, it appears to me it will run as a mobius coaster, so you will get to ride both sides each time you ride. Hence why they say it will have two lift hills during your ride.
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