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    love rollercoaster. bizarro at sfga is the best.

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  1. can someone put the link up for the dueler survey im part of the panel but didnt get it yet thanks
  2. i think corporate made all parks start charging for fright fest haunted houses
  3. i would love a rollercoaster like twisted colossus. My one reason is how after you are done the blue track course, you then go up the green track course. its like 2 rides for 1. AND you race with the other train both times. Maybe Twister Thunder for 2016?!
  4. i would love to see a bigger version of what sfft is getting at our park next year
  5. but when sfmm gets a coaster every year, it limits other six flags parks because corporate seem to only care about that park, because corporate thinks adding more mediocre coasters to that park will make it better than cedar point when in reality it will never be as good as cp
  6. but while we havent gotten a coaster for years, sfmm gets one every year because that is the only park six flags seems to care about
  7. I dont think ga would make up all those teasers and build big suspense all for a ring of fire ride
  8. the worst part about this rumor is that they are calling it a coaster
  9. maybe this was leaked on purpose by six flags and it is false information!? (one could dream)
  10. i think it is odd that they kept the rolling thunder queue up?
  11. could it be a hotel like the great wolf lodge? the breakfast reminded me of it and the water wheel thing reminded me of the indoor waterpark
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