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  1. Does anybody know if there will be a Season Pass Holder night this year? Something tells me if there is it will be next Friday night which unfortunately won't work for me because I'm leaving again for Ocean City, MD for 5 days. Any help would be appreciated! Thank you!
  2. It's a drop tower called Zumanjaro & will be built on the inside of Kingda Ka. I was on Facebook about to log off when I saw the post from the park. I'm definitely taking a pass on this ride but for those anxious to ride it...enjoy it!
  3. I have a 1994 park map that is in perfect condition, let me know if you're interested.
  4. My boyfriend who is now a season pass holder forwarded an email that he rec'd about the season pass holder preview. I was hoping they would do something like this. And the preview couldn't work out to be more perfect for my boyfriend & I since we'll be returning from our 4 day mini vacation in OCMD on 5/23. The "plan" was to go to Six Flags on 5/24 to jump on a few coasters & hopefully go enjoy the new Safari together. This is definitely a plus for us. Anyway, back to the actual reason I'm posting here, I need somebody's help. This season is my 15th season with a season pass & my
  5. Can I do this from a picture I took of it with my cell phone? I rarely use my regular camera anymore because of the great camera on my phone.
  6. Sure! If somebody can tell me how to upload a picture on here. I completely forget how to do this stuff. Now if I had to upload it to Facebook? No problem! LOL!!!
  7. Does anybody know if this will be open all season? I'm hoping to get there when it opens but doubt I will since it appears to be opening in the summer. No theme park for me during the summer, only Hurricane Harbor!
  8. I was cleaning out my 2 drawer file cabinet at work today & came across a stuffed bull that my (now) ex best friend bought for me when El Toro first opened. The park sold the bull in 2 sizes, a small one & larger one. The bull, which is the small version has the El Toro logo stitched on the side of it & of course is in great condition. If you are SERIOUSLY interested in the bull please PM me. $5.00
  9. I was surprised to see the tee pee gone more then anything. I clearly remember going in there when I was a little girl visiting the park for my family. The memories of the wagon for me was buying 3 cups of tea during Fright Fest when it was extremely cold out. I also wish they could have moved both structures to another area in the park.
  10. This one is easy for me...firing Mark Kane. He was ALWAYS very nice to my best friend & I, always taking the time to stop & talk to us for a few minutes. We were introduced to the new park president by another director & it seemed he could care less about meeting us. Yes I know we're guests like everybody else but at the same time it wouldn't hurt to be cordial.
  11. It's amazing what the force of Sandy did to so many different things. The iconic boardwalk in Atlantic City was destroyed, at least parts of it. My beloved Ocean City, MD's fishing pier lost 50 yards but the boardwalk is fine. 8 million people were without power, my family was without power for 27 hours (I'm in the beautiful suburbs of Philly) as well. Thankfully not too many lives were lost in the storm (even thought just one is one too many) but my thoughts & prayers are with the family & friends who did lose loved ones. I'm thankful that Six Flags was spared & the animals of t
  12. It's nice to know that the park is opening March 23 & pretty funny because my boyfriend & I were just talking about that last night. What I'm not happy about is the weather that is forecasted for Sunday, October 28 because that was to be our last trip to the park for the season. I wish the park would take this into consideration & stay open until next weekend even if it was just on Saturday but I know that won't happen. So to anybody going today do me a favor & take a spin on El Toro for me!
  13. Awwwllllll Chiller! That's where my then fiance gave me my engagement ring! He's outta the picture now but I still have my rock of a ring! LOL!
  14. I say get ride of Kingda Ka & bring back Mark Kane. Mr. Kane was always very polite to my best friend & I whenever we saw him in the park. He always asked how his employees were treating us & if we had any problems. He ALWAYS wanted to know our thoughts on how we thought the park was doing. Unfortunately I do not get the same friendly feeling from John FItzgerald.
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