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  1. After finally making it to Carowinds, I have reached 100!(it was Ricochet) Fury is now my new favorite.
  2. The closest to a ride closing I've been to is riding the Georgia Cyclone about a week before closing, very sad.
  3. Having to send back your new laptop because it has a spot of dead pixels
  4. This is definitely true, but I disagree on the idea that KK is more reliable than TTD. Now in all fairness I have only been to GA and CP each two times. But both times at GA, KK loading cycles we're slow and it Broke down more than once while we were wating in line. On the other hand besides being closed for weather, TTD was always open and running at max efficiency.
  5. This is just sad, how far will they go with this PC bull-crap? Which ride is next?
  6. I rode Top Thrill last summer after it was repainted, and I think that and the simple lap bar instead of the OSTR made the ride much smoother in the long run.
  7. That's funny we're going to GA before a family wedding!
  8. We're headed up to Pennsylvania for a wedding and on the 22 were going to take a trip to GA. It'll be good to be back after 5 years.
  9. Though it has a dual loading area, Superman: Ultimate Flight at SFOG has not used it in over a decade.
  10. I believe that they were given the correct permits to build it, and after it was finished the permits were revoked.
  11. If this ride goes there's gonna be no more Arrow mega loopers in the world.
  12. I use it every once and awhile but NL one works better on my computer
  13. I got stuck on mean streak at the mid andfinal break run back in 2012
  14. Weather or not this is true, wicked twister is a kick butt ride!
  15. I'm honestly not surprised, after Cedar Fair closed the ride side I didn't think it would be long until WWK bit the dust as well.
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