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  1. Yep that was a big one for me too.
  2. I haven't pulled the trigger on renewal of our SPs yet either. Not sure im going to for all the reasons stated above. I dislike the monthly payment aspect, but i like being able to goto any SF park, etc etc. also my kids are older now (17& 14) so we dont go like when they were little& i dont care to go alone very often. I've met up with people from various organizations in the park before- alot of them are friggen weirdos to be honest. Most likely will not be renewing. Kind of an end of an era. I feel like GA is pushing memberships hard and im tired of being pushed into things i dont want these days. Sad!
  3. Was bummed & actually surprised when i tried to make a reservation for a drive thru last week they were all out. Barring the 2nd week in January when im over looking at lights (bring on springtime!) oh well.
  4. Smores all summer, hanging by the fire pit & toss a few on.. heck yes! I love this idea !
  5. Murphy isnt going to reopen anything , anytime soon. Businesses have taken such a hard hit already, this is going to cripple them. Like the Master said, he will drag his heels. The summer is shot at this point. I want my money back for my season & dining passes . I will not be renewing for the first time in...omg 16 yrs?
  6. Looks better already..... spring cleaning is a beautiful thing
  7. Thank you Harry. Ive never , in the 22 yrs of doing this, felt so helpless to my patients before? We see the worst case senarios coming into our ER and its hard not let yourself get terrified because you do see that part of it. We KNOW that the majority of the population will be ok & recover just fine should they contract the rona, but its hard not to let yourself get sucked into the hysteria (just turn off the tv, media is the worst). We will all get through this no doubt.... but its going to be interesting to see lasting effects this will have on people, the economy, etc.
  8. Dude shut up. Just shut the hell up. You have no idea what is going on, you just make crap up as you go and post comment after comment to hear your self talk. 75% of what you post doesnt even make sense. I work in healthcare on the frontline, so i think i have a pretty good grasp on things, your posts infuriate me. People are losing their lives left & right and you're all “waaaah, this sucks i want to goto GA, boo hoo” All you talk about is when are they going to open. Step back and chill. And btw vaccines dont work the way you think they do....get off the GAH and go educate your self.
  9. OMG WTH is with you? You literally post the same question every single day, on all the threads, that NOBODY KNOWS THE ANSWERS TO. There is no crystal ball.... no one knows what the future holds. You need a hobby...
  10. Good. I hate sharing the log flume with strangers anyways. There is usally 3 of us, so we almost always get stuck with one/some.
  11. You can’t just Lego a roller coated together from scrap parts!? And dont waste your time rallying with posters for parts of Chiller to be brought back from Brazil....its been scrapped and melted down a long while ago.
  12. Once again youre posting nonsense about GA in a NON Great Adventure thread. So i can not understand why, after repeatedly not following the rules, as well as everyone telling you to stop, youre still posting this stuff. Perhaps the mods need step in with warnings, etc ?
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