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  1. If this is successful, I don't see why they wouldn't continue doing this past this season. Seems like a great way for extra revenue at little operational cost other than light staffing.
  2. The stock price has lost 67% of it's value in the last 3 months and was moving lower prior to the coronavirus panic due to soft results for Q4. I don't think a bankruptcy is coming, but most likely there's going to be a cutback in expenses around the parks and in Capital Expenditures, meaning that additions for 2021 will be very small, if any. It seems like the Cedar Fair deal falling through was a blessing in disguise. We can only hope that the government provides enough cash to keep chains afloat and that once the shelter in place orders are lifted, that people come out in record numbers. I know that's what we're hoping will happen in the movie theater industry right now.
  3. The way things are going, this may be the first new coaster to actually open with the park in a while.
  4. Considering our location, I wouldn't doubt it Harry! I honestly think they're better off making a bid for the Seaworld parks. Six Flags already has a wealth of experience handling animals and it would give them a strong foothold in Florida (especially in the very competitive Orlando area.)
  5. Lots of interest doesn't always translate into good candidates. If they were offering the Cedar Fair team executive roles within the merged company, it leads me to believe that they aren't too thrilled with their current options.
  6. CEO search must not be going too well I guess. Combining the two companies may not happen, but I can see Six Flags making offers on individual parks if they don't come up with a counter offer. I'm sure CF would unload at least 1 or 2 of its parks.
  7. It's just that one water pillar in the middle? I thought the whole pool was going to be surrounded with those pillars, looks pretty barebones compared to the announcement images.
  8. Since they go rid of El Diablo, the Jersey Devil theme technically is available again.
  9. Will it still be next to Kingda Ka? I could never quite imagine that being a good spot with how loud the launches are. The Hurricane Harbor overflow grass lots would make the most sense to me.
  10. I used to take my VIP tours there if they didn't want Best of the West. Food was surprisingly above average compared to other choices. They also contributed to the backstage dining when I worked there. Those flatbreads were superb.
  11. This removal really stings for me. Volcano was far and away my favorite coaster that I rode at KD when I visited. I probably went on it with my ex at least 10 times during that trip. It's a crime to see such a unique coaster get removed, but I understand it from the cost/maintenance side of things.
  12. I'm honestly surprised they still haven't torn down the observatory and place it there. They must still be using it for training or meetings. I remember going to a few parkcoms in there when I worked in GR.
  13. If there's showers in the forecast, it should make the small crowd even smaller
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