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  1. So bugs bunner coaster has not been relocated?
  2. Same 4 passes and food plans all going down the toilet. My wife and I will not be taking our kids this year
  3. Has an end date for the safari been posted? When we drove through, I think a sign said late June. Was wondering if this has been pushed yet
  4. Have there been rumors it's on the chopping block?
  5. What time did you get in with the 3 pm reservation and how long were you there? We have the same tomorrow and everything I have read is saying it was hours to get in.
  6. I too would like to know what they plan on doing. 3 season passes, 1 membership and 4 food packages. Totally throwing the money away for this year
  7. Any idea which kid's rides will be removed or relocated?
  8. Curious. How has attendance been for Holiday in the Park? Been a very cold few weeks.
  9. Does anybody see the extra perks on their account? I don't see any in the app.
  10. I have a membership for my son of 3.50 a month. Am I required to upgrade?
  11. Well that could be it. I never got any email. Checked spam folder and nothing. What did the offer consist of? I was going to order now. Should I wait for the email?
  12. Any current pass holders get a special code for the labor day sale? Saw that we should but I never received.
  13. How have the lines been for justice league?
  14. Was it very cold there? Debating taking my 5 year old and 1 year old tomorrow?
  15. Does the park rent or provide them? If so, how much? My wife is 32 weeks pregnant and has some complications where she can't walk that much. However we would like to take our son. Does anybody know? Thanks
  16. Dining pass is working? Storybook land has been my favorite in this area over Hershey and sesame. Can't wait
  17. Took my three year old on it yesterday. Really is a rough ride.
  18. From what I have observed, it seems six flags has very few dark rides in the chain. Justice league seems to be a good step. Any reason these have been avoided? Is the cost high? I feel dark rides are a great family experience that would add much to any park.
  19. Found it enjoyable yesterday. Mine and all other kids seemed thoroughly happy
  20. I hope not but do you think holidays in the park will have upcharge sections or shows? Besides Santa Claus of course. Not sure what they could do.
  21. I am curious. What's on the list of rides park was supposed to get?
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