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  14. The water wheel was spinning on Friday when we went! But what is the deal with the the big drop not having any water on it going down? It was really rough yesterday.
  15. I will definitely have to check the ride check station! Thank you!
  16. At Great Adventure again today. Everytime we've come so far this season, we've ridden the Runway Mine Train at least once a trip. My daughter is 44" without shoes. Her height has been checked on the ride previously and she was ok to go. Here today, and we were told she was too small to ride it and we had to exit. The height pole was like 3" taller than her. After we exited, we checked her on that sign and she was tall enough. The height pole had red stripes on it. I'm all for safety, and didn't put up a fuss (though my daughter cried)...but it seems odd to me that she was tall enough less than a week ago wearing the same shoes and now she's not. And I honestly didn't see if the end of the pole was on the ground or not.
  17. In the 90's when I was young and stupid...I had a camera (inexpensive plastic 35mm) that had a sport wrist band. It was able to be made very tight. There was no way short of the camera or my wrist breaking to have it fall. I may or may not have pictures from on the top of the first hill on Batman...
  18. We were there tonight. The accident was right where the preferred parking exit/entrance is.
  19. Thanks!! And...I also want to say just how awesome this site is...I've been looking at the GA Mystery Photos and Trivia thread ALL day instead of doing things like laundry and cleaning ;-) So happy to have found this!
  20. Quick question: We have never been to HH, but got the combo passes this year. Do you HAVE to rent tubes for the rides? That rather sucks if you do. We went to Sesame Place for years, and if a ride needed a tube, it was provided at that attraction. Just so we are prepared...
  21. Hi everyone, I practically lived at GA in the 90's. Season passes yearly :-) This year, after at least 12 years, it's our first season back. There are so many changes (most upsetting no more Rolling Thunder and Scream Machine)...some I like, others, eh. My questions: Do they still do anything at the Great Lake Grandstand? I know I'm dating myself, but I loved the Lethal Weapon Stunt shows and the nightly fireworks. Having young children (1, 5, 8) and being that the park just started staying open until 10, we haven't stayed until closing. They don't still do the fireworks, do they? Any rumors on plans for it? And on to the back side of Movietown (where the Chiller used to be) and the old Bavarian area...any plans for there? What is it used for? Or where they used to have the Batman Stunt Spectacular? If this is already in a thread somewhere, any links would be appreciated. Thanks!
  22. So so sad about this. We went once right before the end of last season (to get our passes processed for the discounted rate), and since we weren't there all day (plus having my 3 little ones with us) I didn't get to ride RT. I had no idea it was being demolished. I spent many many hours on this ride over many many summers. Really going to miss it!! Any idea why if it is demolished that GA still has it listed on their ride page? https://www.sixflags.com/greatadventure/attractions/rolling-thunder
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