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  1. Probably will be years until they replace it, I know this is Cedar Point, but Dorney's Stinger is still a field. You'd think they would move it, but I can imagine it being scrapped unfortunately. Wicked Twister is not my favorite ride, I would choose to remove that before any of the Arrows at Cedar Point. I like Dorney's Possessed more, because it just seems to run smoother. But, I hope to see this relocated to another park though.
  2. I wish we could stop all city buses from entering the park, call me selfish, but...
  3. Thank you, enjoyed it very much, didn't go to any parks that day, but did go to Hersheypark the Sunday before my birthday though.
  4. I may have low expectations, but it will probably be silver metal, reused props and maybe some flame cutouts, lets not forget the really nice landscaping they forget to keep up after it's first year.
  5. I do get what you are saying, but I feel it would have made more sense for the theme to be more focused on the woods, and have the appearance to the creature to be more mysterious. I do appreciate the idea for the ride, but it just looks like they went for The Devil in New Jersey rather than The "Jersey Devil".
  6. I might have low expectations, but we will probably see a steel pavilion with metal roof as the station, and fire cut outs themed to red faced horned devil dude, which is by far is NOT what a Jersey Devil is supposed to be, if they are going to use Jersey folklore, get it right. Jersey Devil is not a literal devil.
  7. I would like to see the mountain rebuild with a package of dark rides inside like the old days (before my time) but we all know that is unlikely the park will ever see a mountain that large built in the park again. I did like Volcano though, it wasn't my most ridden coaster in the park because it did have more downtime, and the line was usually longer when it was open anyways, but the loss of it really changed the looks of the park.
  8. I have to laugh at how many of us "Americans" fell for that, even Screamscape and RCDB thought it was real!
  9. Of course this year is different, but I have been saying this for years, for the size Great Adventure is, it is kinda sad there hasn't been a indoor summer show for so many years, I had hope when Brad Ross was in the Showcase for a month or two, but then it went back to only shows during Halloween and Christmas.
  10. People always say Nitro needs it the most, but honestly Batman needs it more, Batman is also at a spot where you see it more. But personally I would choose Runaway Mine Train to get a paintjob next, I want to see the park's oldest coaster taken care of well.
  11. I think I have seen Busch Gardens using those on some of their buildings that used to have wooden shingles. Hersheypark has been replacing their older roofs with metal, I guess it will last awhile though.
  12. Their variety is better than some places, such as Dorney, but there is always some room for improvement on Great Adventure's food.
  13. I don't like the paper cups because, you'll get no lid or straw, and the cups alone are a lot of waste, I feel bad getting refills this year because you have to get a paper cup just to then pour it in the reusable plastic one. At least for me the plastic cups are only a pain when the park makes it that way, if I can bring the cup in a ride line and leave it in the station, not a problem, but when places like Cedar Point makes you use a locker on half of their coasters, then it is inconvenient.
  14. I think it is a bad thing to remove all four of these rides, but surely there has to be some sort of way to keep Kangaroo going, it is the only one left, it's also an icon for the park.
  15. This is one of the cars from Traffic Jam/Autobahn, I guess these operated for about 27 years. https://www.facebook.com/ridesmuseum/photos/a.520730324728161/2071471329654045
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