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  1. I agree with both of you, it is indeed a worthy cause, but it is also not the best-looking wrap for the ride, especially from a distance. Somehow Kia on El Toro blends better with it's regular color, and Skull Mountain was just little stickers, and a few large banners. Twix on Twister looks ok I guess. Stride on El Toro really stood out though, Got 2B on Kingda Ka didn't stand out as much, Twix on Rolling Thunder was okish. Axe (I think) on Scream Machine didn't look the best on it. didn't like Rock Assurance on Mine Train, Polly-O on Mine Train was a little better, but would rather not have it wrapped. M&M's on Skyway is fun I guess,
  2. We have a Gottlieb's Soccer themed pinball machine, it works as of now, but it ever has any problems, maybe you could help us out. Actually, it's only issue right now is when it pushes the ball into the launch area it takes a few tries to get it there, one time it just gave up and left it there.
  3. Ha, Dorney can have bad clientele, but imagine going to Great Adventure during Fright Fest and getting harassed and followed for a phone you didn't steal.
  4. It is always best to start fresh, for ride vehicles they probably strip it to bare metal or fiberglass, but for a large roller coaster like that they generally try to blast as much paint off as possible with high pressured water, prime areas that need it and paint over the old stuff it seems.
  5. Well, I'm sure they know to use the pressure washer to clean and strip loose paint.
  6. These changes are fine, and some are good like Medusa, but I am not a fan of the single rider thing. 1. It never worked at Hersheypark (they don't have it anymore either) because, they will need to station an employee in the station at all times, so on low staffing days those rides will require more employees than before. 2. Every time single rider line is a thing, it is mostly groups of more than one trying to wait for a shorter line, sometimes they actually do get to ride together, look how great Zumanjaro worked out with that single rider line, it doesn't. 3. I prefer not to go on these rides with a stranger beside me with flailing arms (happens too much) since we go in a group of three sometimes.
  7. Yes, their staffing issue slowly started getting worse in 2018 and even more rides closed on certain days in 2019. Stationing an employee for FastTrack on a lot of ride did not help that at all, they don't need four seat checkers every time Great Bear is open. They don't have as many employee as they would like for sure, but filling unnecessary spots all the time won't help the issue.
  8. With the new direction Six Flags is going, some things I get, but other things like removing dining plan and Holiday in the park is bad, I hope Great Adventure's Holiday in the Park stays, and if Six Flags America's Christmas event doesn't come back, I'll miss it. I know the fights were a problem at Fright Fest, but cutting days and hours are not going to solve all of their problems.
  9. At least it was better than Green Lantern, if Scream Machine was still there I'd probably ride it often, I only ride Green Lantern a couple times here and there, same with Superman.
  10. I could be wrong, but these parks are probably getting money from the state to use because of the shutdown in 2020, because it seems kind of odd all these coasters suddenly need a repaint. Some really did need it, but Sidewinder at Hersheypark looked fine, and Alpengeist at Busch Gardens VA looked fine, among others that didn't need it that bad. Retheming Bizzaro might have already been in the plans though, not sure.
  11. What the heck is a 10-meal dining plan! We want Jim Reed Andersen back from retirement again! But, seriously, I'm glad this year I'll have the real dining pass, but if they don't offer the usual unlimited version, I'd consider skipping 2023, Six Flags America is my closest park at 2 1/2 hours away, the main reason I renew Hersheypark's higher prices is because of it being our closest park. I get it, it seemed like everybody seemed to have a cheap pass that gets you to all Six flags may have not been the best financially, but the price jumped too quickly and discontinuing the Dining pass that a lot of guests got really used to is a bad idea. They are on their fourth version of a 2022 pass now I think, they can't make up their mind, remember the pass that didn't get you into Fright Fest and Holiday in the Park, they had to change that, because that didn't work out, hopefully this 10 meal dining pass doesn't work out and it goes back to unlimited dining plan.
  12. What did they do with all of that stuff after your museum, like did the ride cars go back into the boneyard, or did they actually keep it in indoor storage, such as the Calypso car for example. I think I remember seeing the kiddie Ferris wheel car in Big Top Terror, which of course took over the same tent.
  13. I like Skull Mountain, but it would be cool if they got Little Spiders to make them new set pieces, restore the rockwork outside, and lights that only go on as you go past. Maybe add some large ceiling fans for the summer too,
  14. And attached to the fort is Runaway Mine Train and Skyway, and we definitely can't lose those either!
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