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  1. Does anyone have a digital vector or image of the lion sign with the Great Adventure flag? Wanted to use it as a decal for a sticker or maybe a t-shirt lol Thanks
  2. Pictures and videos I take at Great Adventure. The pictures are taken on my phone or camera.
  3. I went to Six Flags Great Adventure today for the first time since 2015! I flew up to NJ this weekend for a bridal shower and decided it was way too long since I've been. Despite the holiday, there were barely any waits. So glad I could go!
  4. @29yrswithaGApass Sorry the photos aren't of amazing quality, but my grandmother recently showed me a photo book of theirs with photos of my family at Great Adventure. Lightning Loops, Swabinchen, and Screamer. They are permanently glued in a book so I scanned these with my phone.
  5. It sure is a shame that SFGA got rid of their pinball parlor. They are such classic attractions. I work on them for a living now! This is my latest one that I shopped and teched out, Black Knight 2000. A classic from 1989.
  6. It's interesting that they're keeping the bridge. I hope they at least re-design it with the area losing the nautical theming.
  7. I see on the GAH page for this that the timeline ends at 2019. Was this demolished?
  8. Got some great gifts this year! Merry Christmas!
  9. Hi everyone [: It's been a while since I've been on, but I wanted to share some great news. I got my first job since graduating college
  10. Really nice report, I especially liked seeing that the loop tops from the Great American Scream Machine are still there. I wonder if they plan to reuse the original drive through entrance eventually, since they're sprucing it up some?
  11. I know there are other people on here who may also be graduating college this year, so this is a shout out to us for the hard work that we've been through these past four (If you're getting your Bachelors like myself) years! Congrats to those getting their Masters and Doctorates as well! I know we don't get to graduate like most other classes do, but it's still a time to celebrate! Congrats to all graduates What degree does everyone have? I'm going to have a Bachelor of Science in Computer Engineering
  12. Happy Easter to everyone that celebrates
  13. I hope everyone and their loved ones are happy and healthy!
  14. Yeah that's probably it then. Was that open to the public or was that staff use only?
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