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  1. It's such a shame to see not one but TWO show venues get demo'd. They should have demolished the Old Country and built something in that waste of space... The lakefront would be nicer without a coaster there IMO. But WOOO! for the 4D free spin! if that's really what we're getting!
  2. The drive motor burnt out about a week ago because there is no shade protection and the it was overheating constantly trying to make the hourly numbers. also there are issues with one of the sensors being "too" sensitive causing a fault light, requiring maintenance to have to reset it. they are working to fix it and should hopefully be running again by the weekend.
  3. yea the parachute tower REALLY needs it! I noticed the rust climbing down the side!
  4. well... it's looking like a no for re-opening this season. but hopefully next year! plus a new ATTRACTION!
  5. One of my friends said that they heard from an insider that they were moving kingda ka?! Has anyone else heard that??? cuz if that were to happen I would be dissapointed I had also heard they were scrapping Rolling Thunder from another person. Well if that happens we could possibly have a new ride!
  6. it is however a shame that they havent put the waterfalls backon the skull
  7. the other day i was walking past the ride, and i asked one of the supervisors and she said "We are changing the interior".
  8. not the first time someone went into a restricted zone and got killed by a inverted rollercoaster. Monday, August 14, 1995 - At Morey's Piers amusement park in Wildwood, New Jersey, a 36-year-old maintenance worker was killed after being struck in the head by the foot of a passenger riding the Great Nor'Easter suspended looping roller coaster. The passenger was also injured. article coutesy of http://www.rideaccidents.com/coasters.html
  9. People me Scott Steve dad arrived - 10:45 Left - 6:00 Flash pass Rides Twister Scream Machine Medusa Rolling Thunder Kingda Ka Batman: the ride Congo rapids Nitro (2) Edwards AFB jump tower overall report not overly crowded, started off raining everything on the east side seemed to be plagued with operating problems all day. first el toro - someone broke there nose when a cell phone hit him mid-ride second kingda ka - air gate trouble third Rolling thunder - stopped half way uo the lift fourth Scream machine - while trying
  10. today when i was in the park. when we were about to leave, i walked though the park in Lakefront & saw a couple of "entertainers" in what looked like Greek (but im not sure) clothing with a bunch of greek themed elements. i have never seen this (as far as i can remember). has anyone else seen this.
  11. you have no idea how much spilled soda i stepped in yesterday & today *some of these "new park president" changes are pissing me off* ps: out of all those silly smilys theres no "OH NO! I STEPPED IN SODA" one?! lol
  12. waiting in line 2 hours in line for a Flash Pass today next to a guy who wouldn't stop complaining about how crowded it was today! it seemed everyone was complaining *even with the flash pass we still had to wait 2 hours to get on Congo Rapids* Anyone else in the park today? Ha-ha I'm going tomorrow and you're just JEALOUS lol
  13. yes but when it first opened i rode it back in 1996 it didnt have all the elements it did today (or i dont remember being that many atleast)
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