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  1. I contacted Six Flags and they actually were able to transfer my 2020 pass order to the 2021 season. So if anyone has a season pass that they haven't been able to use this year and don't plan on using, I recommend contacting them.
  2. So what do they plan to do for people like me who have a 2020 pass that they say is getting extended by however many days the park was closed (I don't believe they have said when exactly it would be getting extended to). Personally I wish I could just exchange my 2020 pass for 2021 because I have not gone to the park at all and I do not plan to go to the park at all until next year because I don't feel safe doing so
  3. Depending on if we have the second wave the health experts warn about, I'd say there is still a chance that this doesn't happen at all, especially if they can't do any indoor things Maybe they can find a way to make it a drive-through type event like what they did with Winter Lights in the early 2000s
  4. At this point I wish that I could just get a refund for my 2020 season pass. They seem to be doing a terrible job at enforcing social distancing and maks wearing to the point where I think I'll just avoid going to the park until next year. Basically gonna be wasted money.
  5. I saw someone saying they saw it testing today, so it seems plausible that it will open soon.
  6. There's no way they can 100% enforce it, but they could at least have some security guards patrolling the lines to ensure people are keeping distance. I read stories today that people would be going up to workers or walking past security guards not wearing their mask and they would say nothing. Unfortunately though, we have seen far too many videos of people throwing a fit from being told to put a mask on, so I can understand the hesitation.
  7. I've seen a lot of complaints from people today saying that social distancing was not being enforced while waiting in lines, a lot of people pulling down their masks and not being told to put it back on, etc. I get it, it was the first day, so there will need to be some things ironed out, but if they want to be open, they need to make sure guidelines are followed. I know people hate actually following the rules and it is tough to enforce, but like I said, this is their park, and they need to be strict. Needless to say, i'm in no rush to go to the park anytime soon.
  8. I didn't even realize Splash Mountain was themed after Song of the South (though I will admit I have not been to Disney in a long time). I know that the ride is a favorite among many and people are disappointed, but it's definitely the right move. There's no reason to have a racist movie normalized in ways like this. The ride itself is still going to be the same, just the theme is changing. It's honestly surprising this move wasn't made earlier.
  9. Surprised that water parks and amusement parks are allowed to open at the same time. Seems easier to enforce social distancing and sanitation protocols at an amusement park, and obviously masks can't be worn at a water park.
  10. Yeah, I think they could make more money keeping it as a drive thru for now. A lot of people probably won't feel comfortable going to the park when they reopen but would be willing to drive through the safari and pay for that.
  11. I'd imagine they would probably continue the drive thru even after the park opens just to make it easier with the social distancing restrictions and prevent longer lines with half capacity trucks. At least that would be the smart thing to do imo
  12. I don't think I will be attending this summer (frankly, even with the measures I don't know how safe it really would be, I'd have to read more about the exact measures and rules they have), so hopefully they allow 2020 season passes to be good for 2021 as well, or I may have to try and get my money back.
  13. The reservation system is a good idea. I don't think they will be opening any time soon, maybe sometime in July, but they are going to have to put a strict capacity at the park to ensure people can social distance. But frankly, at that point, are you going to be wiping down the trains each time new people use it? Are you going to space people 6 ft apart in lines? Will everyone be required to wear masks? All of these things seem like a must do if the park wants to open, but is it worth it and is it profitable? Idk. Even if the park does open this summer I doubt I will be going due to the risk of exposure because I don't see this virus going away anytime soon.
  14. They would probably do reduced capacity on trains though too (1 per row for 2 seaters and 2 per row for 4 seaters I would think) so due to that the lines will probably take about as long.
  15. The problem is that if you lift the lockdown too early you'll just have a second wave that could be even worse than the first one. I think many people don't understand how bad this could be if we start reopening things too early. I'd rather them wait longer to be safe than to rush to get things back to normal
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