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  1. Whyyyy isnt the advent calander workinggg. lol For me anyway..
  2. Sat night lights, im also wondering if GITPP will return in 2011.
  3. You know, you really make a valid point, I have never viewd it that way before. Though I still stand with most people,in the fact that other parks do deserve a new coaster more but with it being such an "important" year they kind of do need to focus on the mothership parks more, but still the other parks need something new to be brought in to pull some crowds.
  4. Im honestly Starting to question it myself, im just wondering why it was called into eso (the office) and my boss, a director, would say that it collapsed if it didnt.
  5. Not that it fell onto Gk entrance. The upper most part of the lift, that one tower, apparently collapsed this morning before operating hours.
  6. Is it?.... Medusa/Bizarro? First floorless coaster?
  7. The length/layout is dull and unexciting. The area surrounding the ride needs to be worked on with more plants to feel like you IN the congo, maybe some new effects. Animlas popping out of the water and such. As you ride around its employee watch pots and trees and some dirt. VERY dull.
  8. Not only if they have been reassembled, but has any work been able to be completed on tornado either, it was just arriving in pieces when all these back to back snow storms hit. Oh, and when is another update? Im guessing sometime these next 2 weeks before openig.
  9. You all are lucky. Im in NC right now, we have gotten a combined total of 9 inchs this winter, and this morning it snowed an inch or 2, lets just say its only 11:12 as I type this and the snows gone. It doesnt last here.
  10. Are the legal problems with kentucky kingdoms rides going to effect the 2011 plans for the other parks? One would assume alot of their rides would be relocated as new attractions, but with these legal issues who knows how many SF will get. And with chang, they removed it before they announced the closing, so I think it should belong to SF.
  11. I love it, they seem to have painted nearly every building, and the gate! Great job SF!!! Any action at carousel? Update? Amd what is that stuff in fron of the castle arcade? (Black light mini golf)
  12. Looking at pic 2 on page 1, I realized, they could add a pretty sizeable addition to the grandstand. Everytime i watched the show the stands were full to capacity and people were left standing everywhere. They could easily add a good size portion to the right side ( left if you were on the ground standing behind the stands)
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