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  1. Unless they are keeping it out there. Which i doubt too.
  2. I rode the ride this summer and noticed that a few of the things that used to pop up during the ride did not. Not sure if they are not maintaining it any longer. One example is at the end of the ride where it looks like a truck stops short in front of you and blows the horn with its headlights on. That didn't work all summer..
  3. If SF never bought it, are we assuming it would had been bought some one else or run independently. If it dependent, it would be no bigger than Dutch Wonderland and though entertaining for the day, people would had grown tired of it. If bought by someone else .. then its by who and who knows how they would had run it ... that would be a separate debate all together! lol
  4. I enjoyed it and it did remind me of Disney - I was disappointed that it was no longer there
  5. I agree and disagree with sfgalocal .. I agree that if Six Flags did a better job of maintaining the ride and making the experience better for the rider, it would had resulted better for them I dont agree that it was the kiss of death. I think it there were people that would just ride Thunder because of height and were not up El Toro. I think El Toro served a different crowd. Toro is a bigger coaster serving the large coaster crowd. Thunder served the ones that were not up for the bigger coaster or if Toro was down, they would ride Thunder since they were there.
  6. Do you guys have a park map for this season? I have been loving the threads and pictures out here! Just going through the years. Its been awesome watching out the park has transformed over the years Nevermind I am a total noob .. I found it. I have been just viewing the map off the thread and not clicking the actual highlight.
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