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  1. corey

    Happy b-day!

  2. If money really didn't matter, I'd finish redoing the rest of the park to have the level of theming that the Kingda Ka and El Toro areas have, rounding out our ride collection and adding shows along the way. Finally, I'd finish it off with a top level coaster (face it, we haven't gotten a standout one in a while) and add a hotel with transportation systems to accommodate the park becoming a resort. This would pretty much give the park the rides of Cedar Point with the theming of Busch Gardens, with the accommodations to attract travelers from around the country.
  3. ^ The El Diablo restraints work the same way as on the B&M coasters. This lawsuit seems to be trying to make something out of nothing to me.
  4. It's the ride from Planet Coaster made real! I like this addition a lot, it's unique and gives us another thrilling flat ride, and also puts another big attraction in the Movietown/Metropolis area. Definitely better than the Skywarp to me.
  5. I'm not an ACE member but I'd like to know what's "spectacularly amazing" about the chicken nuggets at the buffet? Lol
  6. Both of these new slides look great! These should help the Boardwalk a lot, the one time I went it couldn't handle the crowds it was getting.
  7. I really hope it's not a Skywarp. I don't expect us to get the most expensive addition after Joker and Justice League back to back, but I'd prefer a different thrill flat ride like the giant frisbee or new style enterprise.
  8. Although my favorite is 2006 because of El Toro, Hurricane Harbor added a second gate to our property and was pretty well themed when it first opened so I picked it.
  9. I am now at 101 coasters! My 100th was Flying Turns at Knoebels, I was glad to have one of the most unique rides out there be the one. Between those two you can't go wrong either way! Congrats on reaching 50!
  10. I finally got out to the park for the first time of the season. I expected it to not be crowded and it was pretty empty all day so I got on a lot of rides. Since my phone was in lockers all day I didn't get to take any pictures unfortunately. After arriving at the park around 12:30, I went to El Toro first. Here I had my first encounter with the new loose articles policy. Although it's a bit annoying I bought the movable all day locker and it ended up being pretty handy. I rode twice with station waits both times. Operations were also really good here, with the trains being sent out withou
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