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  1. If money really didn't matter, I'd finish redoing the rest of the park to have the level of theming that the Kingda Ka and El Toro areas have, rounding out our ride collection and adding shows along the way.  Finally, I'd finish it off with a top level coaster (face it, we haven't gotten a standout one in a while) and add a hotel with transportation systems to accommodate the park becoming a resort.  This would pretty much give the park the rides of Cedar Point with the theming of Busch Gardens, with the accommodations to attract travelers from around the country.



  2. I finally got out to the park for the first time of the season. I expected it to not be crowded and it was pretty empty all day so I got on a lot of rides. Since my phone was in lockers all day I didn't get to take any pictures unfortunately.


    After arriving at the park around 12:30, I went to El Toro first. Here I had my first encounter with the new loose articles policy. Although it's a bit annoying I bought the movable all day locker and it ended up being pretty handy. I rode twice with station waits both times. Operations were also really good here, with the trains being sent out without stacking almost all the time.


    I then checked on Kingda Ka but it had a long line since they were only able to launch one train each time between Zumanjaro rides. I then went to Zumanjaro and rode it 4 times without leaving the ride area since there were always open seats. The operations here were really fast too, probably some of the best I've ever seen at the park.


    Next I went to the Log Flume since it was starting to warm up a bit. This also had no line and as always is a good ride.


    Next was Bizarro which for some reason seemed to be running way better than it ever did in the past. Both the mist in the shields and the fire were on. I rode 3 times, the first two without leaving the station. Also they were using all 3 trains without double stacking for the first time I've ever seen.


    After riding El Diablo and having lunch, I went on Runaway Mine Train for the first time in years, it was pretty good but about halfway through the ride it nearly folded me in half over the seat divider from lateral forces, haha.


    I then went on Swashbuckler, which felt a lot tamer having now been on the one at Knoebels which still rises to the full height. Why does this one only rise halfway?


    Next, I waited about 15-20 mins for Joker, which ended up being the most I waited for anything all day. I got the purple side and actually had a good ride. I wanted to go on Batman next but it was closed so I went on Dark Knight, waiting less than 5 minutes to get into the preshow. I thought I saw a couple of more effects working than I remembered.


    After this Batman was open so I went on in the front row, waiting 3 trains. Next was Nitro, which was routinely going out with empty rows. I rode 5 times, each in a different spot on the train, only having to go around again once.


    Next I rode Skull Mountain, which is sorta my "guilty pleasure" ride in the park. The combo of cheesy theming and death metal music on a family coaster just feels perfect for some reason, in a "so bad it's great" kind of way.


    Next I saw that Joker was a walk on so I rode it a second time, this time on the green side.


    After going on Skyscreamer and Houdini, each with no wait at all, I walked right into the station for Superman and onto the last row. Since this ride almost always has a long line this was really cool.


    After this I checked out Kingda Ka again and even this had no wait, walking right into the station again. Even though the ride is short, I love anything with a launch so I still really like this coaster.


    Finally, before leaving the park I went back to Toro and rode 5 times in a row without leaving the station. Having most likely set a new personal record for rides taken in a day, I finally left to return home happy.


    Final ride total:


    El Toro: 7

    Nitro: 5

    Zumanjaro: 4

    Bizarro: 3

    Joker: 2

    Log Flume, El Diablo, Runaway Mine Train, Batman, Dark Knight, Superman, Skull Mtn, Skyscreamer, Houdini, Kingda Ka: 1 each

  3. Bowcraft is about 20 mins from my hometown and was the first park I ever went to when I was younger, the bigger coaster was my first of that size too.


    From what I remember, they were steadily adding bigger rides in the early-mid 2000s but they tried switching to pay one price right around when the recession started and it sorta ended up doing them in. I think the last ride they added was the music express in 2007(?). So unfortunately it wouldn't surprise me if it closed either.

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