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  1. I really liked that trailer. I'm looking forward to seeing it next year!
  2. I agree it seems legit. My grandparents saw about it from all the way up here in NJ so it has gained quite a bit of attention. PS that video looks amazing! Just imagine riding through that inversion over 500 feet in the air!
  3. ^ That's interesting since I do a similar thing, but just as a note on my phone, writing which rides I went on and how many times. My ride count from my trip to the park this year was- El Toro 3x, Bizarro 2x, Nitro 2x, and Superman, Green Lantern, Log Flume, Sky Ride, SkyScreamer, Skull Mountain, Batman, The Dark Knight, and Kingda Ka once each. It's interesting to see that out of all the rides I rode that day only the Log Flume and Sky Ride were there the date of the log you posted.
  4. Wow, knowing the attention to detail that the spotlights have this will be the best one yet! I'm looking forward to it!
  5. It's a coincidence that you mention Ohio State since I'm there right now for a college visit. I agree about Beast at night-the only other woodie I've ridden that even comes close is Toro. However you liked Diamondback way more than I did-to me it felt like a forceless B&M compared to Nitro which isn't afraid to have positive g's in addition to floater air.
  6. ^ What's IntaRide? A division of Intamin? I know I sometimes gray out on Nitro's helix so it could be possible on SROS.
  7. Unfortunately since I live about an hour away and I'm the only coaster person in my family I only got to go once this year. Luckily that one day was a great one (low crowds, lots of rides, and the GAH Museum!). Next year I will be able to drive on my own and hopefully I'll be able to make the trip out more often!
  8. I don't do any up charges since plenty of great rides are free with admission. Other than that Twister is the only one I haven't ridden and probably won't ride anytime soon. Those restraints look really painful. Edit: I realized through a later post that I forgot about Houdini, I haven't ridden that yet either.
  9. ^ Yes but Looping Starship wasn't an off the shelf carnival ride, and it's more visually impressive to see the huge ship swinging upside down than a few tiny cars strapped to a small track. I think the general public can recognize that it's he same thing they can ride at a carnival. Whether that will impact their decision to ride it I can't say but I know I won't ride it more than once (ever) and based on what others have said I'm not the only one who feels that way. Also I feel that the experience is different from Looping Starship since one is run by gravity and a counterweight and one is run by a track and motors. To me that makes LD less thrilling. Call me picky but that's how I feel about it. The other part of it (at least initially) was the marketing trick of calling it a coaster when even the general public who comments on the park's Facebook page knows it isn't. Sorry I just realized you replied as I was editing my post.
  10. ^ Because flying scooters are great family rides that appeal to that demographic. The super loops don't really have a true demographic outside of a carnival, since the younger kids trying thrill rides for the first time won't want to ride it because of the amount of time it spends upside down, but the enthusiasts don't like it because all it does is a vertical loop and nothing else. So who is it really aimed for? The general public who will believe the nonsense that it's a coaster?
  11. I guess I'm alone in thinking of this in a positive way? The way I think of it Dorney is getting a new (yes, actually NEW) ride, and not a bad family ride at that. Nothing is leaving for it, and it will add something to a dead area of the park. They have to start somewhere if they're going to get themselves back up again, and then for 2016 can be a major ride since the waterpark is good for a few years.
  12. I went to KI last year and liked it quite a bit. Just remember to ride the Beast once it's pitch black, it's a great experience! Enjoy your trip!
  13. I've thought for a while that a classic wave swinger (with a path around it) would go good in that spot.
  14. ^ It seems to be mixed about Halloween in my town. In the area I live me and one other house are the only ones who decorate, but there are usually at least a couple of people that go out at night. In the other part of town where one of my friends lives people do more for Halloween and lots of people are out on Halloween night. I don't get in costume anymore though, (the last couple of years I just put on a sports jersey and called it a day) but I do go out a bit since a couple of people I know still do. That costume you referenced is horrible though, I don't know what to say...
  15. I agree, I love Halloween! For some reason I have some odd passion for Halloween decorating even though I'm not a huge haunt fan, plus who can go wrong with huge amounts of candy!
  16. I've been on 78 coasters. Nearly half of those are thanks to a week long coaster sleepaway camp called ThrillCoaster Tours that went to CP, KI, Hershey, Knoebels, and Dorney.
  17. ^ If the JL rides come out as good as they should, I think they will be better than Guardian. Aside from the coaster section Guardian is basically one huge screen tunnel if I remember correctly. I think the mixture of screens and props that the JL ride should have will make a better illusion-I'd rather see that one come here
  18. I think the layouts between the lifts for TC could have been a bit longer but what they do have is great and better than many coasters. For the dueling, the block out of the station helps, now SFMM just has to use it As for WC it has grown on me. I see why people think highly of it since it has a longer ride time than some of the others and everything that the bigger ones have even though it's smaller. Plus it's the one closest to here so I might actually get to ride it sometime.
  19. ^ I agree, I think in '16 we should see the JL dark ride, then in '17 we should have a mini war on lines with a couple of flats, another water ride, and a couple of shows, and in '18 should be a coaster (or flip the order of the last 2). Then we'd be ready for a hotel.
  20. ^ I'd give Zumanjaro another chance next year since there were rumors a while ago that they will make the fixes needed to allow the two to run at the same time. As for Action Park, I agree, all the old AP slides are way better than the newer ones. Unfortunately with the regulations around today we won't see anything new that is quite as insane as what they used to add in the 80s but with it being AP again maybe we can see some new unique stuff.
  21. I like Bourbon Street Fireball the most- it's a really good name for Six Flags standards. I'd pick Looping Dragon for second best, and Dare Devil Chaos last since it sounds more like a name for a Knex model coaster set than a real ride.
  22. Is that pic from Bowcraft? Lol I never thought I'd see us envying them for theming. Hopefully they do something to make the ride fit the golden kingdom though
  23. Way to go Disney, you found a way to mess this up even more than you already have. Take the only family ride in the park and restrict access to it, and leave everyone else frustrated and unable to ride. Nice one.
  24. For the interactive map/ride info idea, what if they had a "GPS" like function for rides in the park? For example, if I was at Bizarro and wanted to go to Zumanjaro, then I could put "Zumanjaro" into the function and it would draw a route on the map to the ride I selected, with an arrow on the path to represent where you are. It could be good for first time visitors or anyone who doesn't have the park's layout memorized. Just an idea I came up with, not sure how realistic it is
  25. ^ Other than an Intamin giga those are my top two choices for a new coaster for our park. Maverick is in my top 5
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