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  1. Jealous that you're gonna be at the Rose Bowl haha. I'm a freshman at Penn State, I'll be rooting them on from home!


    Anyway nice report, I've never gotten to go to Magic Mountain but I'd like to try it sometime since they have so many coasters.

  2. It's possible I was on the same train and maybe row as you on Nitro when you rode it at opening.

    That would be pretty cool if we were, if you saw the 18 year old guy in a dark gray and red north face jacket riding over and over again that was me lol



    Was it very cold there? Debating taking my 5 year old and 1 year old tomorrow?

    Walking around the park it felt fine but on the Skyscreamer and Big Wheel it was pretty cold. Tomorrow looks like it's gonna be almost 50 though so you should be good.


    Also here's a few extra pics from my visit last month that I'd like to share:








  3. I was at the park from opening til about 7:45 today and had a great day. My family met up with me for the middle of the day, around which I rode the coasters.


    At park opening, the park was nearly empty. I went to Nitro first, and because of two trains running and low crowds, I was able to ride it 11 times in a row without leaving the station. Getting to take so many laps in a row without waiting felt almost unreal. I love that the park gives the chance to go on coasters this big so late in the year.


    After I rode Batman once in the front row with a one train wait and then met up with my family. At this point I went on a bunch of the family rides with them instead of the coasters, which was different for me. First we went on the Swashbuckler and the Buccaneer. At Buccaneer everyone was waiting for the end seats which made the ride continually cycle half empty even though there was a line.


    Next we went on the Skyride, it felt different and really cool staying on it for a round trip instead of getting off at the fort like usual. We waited between 10 and 15 minutes for it but by the time we got off the line length had nearly doubled.


    After, we went on the Skyscreamer with a two cycle wait, the ride was fun but it’s really cold up there lol. We then went on the Big Wheel, which I hadn’t been on yet this year. We waited about 15 minutes, and I was able to get a couple of pics from it of the Justice League construction from it.


    After we went on the Tea Cups, these spin really well and we were pretty much able to turn our cup into a human centrifuge for the whole ride. After I got a delicious waffle from the waffle truck that they brought in for HITP. If they had those year round I’d probably get one every time I come. After this I also got a hot chocolate and chicken quesadillas from the new Movietown Macho Nacho and ate all of it by the fire pits with my family.


    After this, my family left, so I went to Batman to get another ride in the front row, with a two train wait. It felt a lot faster than earlier in the afternoon. Next I went to back to Nitro for my first ever night ride on it. I rode in the second to last row and it was cool riding it at night and not really seeing where you’re going.


    Next I went to Skull Mountain and rode once in the back row, waiting two trains. It felt odd not having the music on in there, I like the ride better with it.


    After watching the tree show and recording it for YouTube, I went to the Boardwalk area and rode Twister and Superman. Twister was a walk on and was actually more fun than I thought it would be, and Superman I had to wait about 20 minutes for due to the one train operations. I had forgotten how great the pretzel loop is since I haven’t ridden it since early in the season.


    After this I left the park, but I had a great day even without Joker open. HITP is great and today was a good way to finish out the park season.


    Ride Totals:

    Nitro 12x

    Batman 2x

    Swashbuckler, Buccaneer, Skyride, Big Wheel, Teacups, Skull Mtn, Twister, Superman 1x






























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  4. I should be at the park tomorrow, I plan on going to Nitro at park opening and hopefully get my first ever Nitro night ride later in the day as well.


    When I went to HITP on Black Friday the only long lines were the Skyride and Skull Mountain randomly, none of the big coasters had any lines and most of the flat rides were walk ons or one cycle waits.

  5. I rode Maverick both with the old and new restraints and liked it more with the new ones. I also really liked them on Hershey's coasters and agree they'd be great on Ka.


    Am I the only one who would also love soft-vest Banshee style restraints on Batman?

    That would be nice, they're much more open around your head. I just wish they'd loosen up the vests a little since when I rode Gatekeeper and Banshee the vests put a lot of pressure on my collarbones which hurt a bit. The Joker's vests and the strap restraints shown at the beginning of this topic didn't do that to me.
  6. How about longer hours internally?


    Open til' Midnight or 2am on New Years Eve

    Waterpark open til' 7-8pm

    11pm Closings on Saturdays


    Stuff like that.


    I like this idea, I went to Cedar Point's Halloween event this past year and they were open til midnight on Saturdays. I also think having a big new year's celebration at the park would be cool too.


    As for an Easter event in the spring, this Jewish guy would have no problems with it.

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  7. ^ I found that out the hard way, I tried to get my meal between 3 and 4 pm on Friday. I had to cancel my order and go back 20 minutes later, guess I know for next time.


    Also I love this line of your report:

    I had an ice cream cup for snack and ate it outside in 50 degree weather. Any day is a day for me to eat ice cream.

    Couldn't agree more lol

  8. Seems I'm a little late to the party but cool to see they're expanding the event, I especially like what they're doing with the Skyride. I remember thinking last year that it would be cool to go on a round trip over the lights.



    LOL, I still think the "Yule Log Flume" is the best idea ever (and has a much better ring to it than "Holly Jolly Roger" and "Poinsettia Peak") but it's come to my attention that certain (see: boring) people don't see the appeal of riding a Log Flume in January when the water may or may not be a sheet of ice.

    Just from reading this alone, can you please post here more? Lol
  9. Yes! My spotlight wishes have finally been granted! :)


    I've always been curious about the old queue, I find it crazy that they put so much effort into theming it only to stop using it after a couple of months. That being said, even the shorter version of the queue that is used today doesn't fill all the way most of the time, so the old version would probably be unnecessarily long now.


    I'm curious, was it a state mandate that the park stop using the old queue, or did the park decide this on its own?

  10. ^ I agree, I just got to ride Kennywood's Zamperla a couple of weeks ago and it was way better than any other ride like it that I've been on. Other than some drop towers it might actually be my favorite flat ride ever. Unlike any of the other giant frisbees, the spinning changes direction multiple times, the seats felt more "open", and it runs a pretty long cycle too.


    For comparison I've also ridden maXair at CP and Delirium at Kings Island.

  11. It wasn't really getting stuck, but I had to be evaced off Ka once. My train was on the launch track and they backed it up into the unused side of the station after about 15 mins of sitting there. Other than that I've had good luck so far

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